Sunday, August 02, 2009

You ready?

Alright Ladies are you ready?

I hope I am.

So every Sunday will be our 'check in' post (could be Monday morning too). You can go over what you've been doing this past week, what things were hard to stick to, what you need to work on, what you want to accomplish the next week.
You could add in any weight lost or added, inches lost. Eating habits that you've changed or that need changing. Good recipe ideas you found. If you've noticed any changes in your mood or body during that week.
And then at the end we will do a before and after pic. It doesn't have to be in a bathing suit or any things. Even just shorts and a tank, so we can see the difference. So make sure you take a pic today so you can compare your end ones to it.

So for my week ahead-
Tomorrow I plan on going into the gym and sign up, yes yes I really am. I just need to keep telling myself this. I have this problem were I know I want and need to lose about 20-30 lbs, but I just get to this point where I really don't care. When I started being healthy at the beginning of the year I hadn't lost anything in the two months I ate better and worked out, but I felt better and i just need to keep reminding myself of that.
Now for the hard part giving up junk food again, that was the hardest part from last time. Ok actually working out too, I hate sweating, yuk.

So hear we go ladies, Start your engines....

Using Mr.Linky. Type your name in the name box, so we know who you are. When posting to the URL box link to your individual Smokin Hot Challenge (SHC) post instead of to your home page. (Have any questions about this let me know). That way if you have posted other things or people are late at looking they can find the SHC quicker.
Please mention this challenge in your post and link back to my weekly SHC post. Also please make sure you leave encouraging notes to each other this is the reason we started this so we could all encourage each other even if we aren't together.

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Kimi said...

My first post is up and I'm ready to go. I have the first videos pre-screened, got my chin up bar installed and I am indulging in my last post 7pm snacking. *sniff sniff* I shall miss you.