Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

The Thank you gifts.My sister Kim drew the pictures for the gifts. Here is a bee hive I made from a wicker pear I found at St.Vinney's. I painted it yellow and hot glued the little clay bees my sister and I made onto it.

The decorations.

I put bee stickers on the pom poms and lanterns.

The clay bees were also put onto wire and put in the flower bouquets.

The food all had a honey theme.

Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin, mashed potatoes. rolls with butter and honey. I also made lemonade and added honey to it, everyone loved it.

The cupcakes. I made fondant bees to place ontop.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

So much to get done.

Summer is almost here ( 7 days by Wyatt's school calender, LOL) and it is time to figure how I am gonna fit the fun side and the work side in.
The fun side brings; parks, zoo trips, beaches, camping trips, play dates, etc.
The work side brings cleaning, organizing, party planning (that could go on both sides) and I also have a chance to help out in an office several times a week.
But how do I fit all this in a week.
Plus what makes it hard is alot of our fun trips depend on the weather. So if it super nice out some trips get planned at a spur of the moment.
Derek and I have decided for me to be a stay at home mom so I can be there with Wyatt (and the boys). Since he is now in school all day, summer is our time to be together and do fun things. But I have been doing a little extra side work to help out with bills. Which worked out great while Wyatt was in school, but now he will be out for the summer. So what to do.
Anyway thanks for listening to my rambling.