Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Tickers


and a bit of randomness.

So this is my 600th post, Wow not bad, and you are gonna get a bit of randomness today.

I am so not in tune with my house right now. You know that feeling when you just love your house and love hanging out there. Whether it just be to craft, watch tv, cook, or heck even just clean. But no matter what you are doing you are happy you are home, you are comfortable. I am so not there right now. Not sure why.

So yes this is all I had to say. LOL. Though maybe if I got it down it would take me out of my house funk.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What we're reading now!

So Wyatt has moved on to books with no pictures, just the ones in his head. We went to the library on Wednesday after school and he went straight for the Star Wars chapter books. Not sure how he knew where they were, but we picked one out and brought it home. He picked no other picture books, just this one. So every night we are reading a chapter and a few extras in between too.
Dasher has to get in on the action too. The puppy loves to walk on our laptops like they aren't even there.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Wars Party Ideas

So I am going to do something like this at the party. But my stars will just be big silver foil ones. Not sure if they will be made or if I will buy them. I love this idea of the black cups and colored stars, might even try to get stars that the kids can keep. Like the curly one.
And of course I will be having Nette make a R2D2 cake. Have to have that.

I would love to find enough wrapping paper rolls to make these light sabers.

I love this idea, Yoda Soda. Sprite and green sherbet. Will have to go into a big punch bowl so you can see the cool green. We'll see though.
Ok and the biggest thing is I would love to find one of the guys to dress up like Darth Vadar and come visit, but we will see on cost.

Party Ideas

So here are some ideas I have found online for the princess parties.

I also want to put a pink curtain up on the main door, there will be lots of ballons too. I need to get moving on the centerpeices and figure out what I am gonna do. I have some ideas, but sure they will change as I am putting them together.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of planning

I am in the process of lots and lots of planning. Right now I am planning for 4 parties plus one.

-Princess 4th birthday on March 19

-Philly Cooking Creme House Party on March 12

-Wyatt's Star Wars 6th Birthday Party in May

-Helping wiht Summer's Princess Party in May

-Plus Spring Break is coming up

-And a Surprise hopefully in the works, not sure yet though if it will work

My Philly House Party will be here at the house and I am hoping for 15-20 ladies to attend. With this comes alot of stuff- I will be precooking and figuring out what I want to make, making gift bags to hand out to the ladies (the company sends me stuff to hand out, but I will also have some stuff of my own to add), cooking for the party, and doing so house cleaning. And with all those ladies coming to my hosue it makes me want to go through the house. People coming over always gets me inspired to purge and do some magor cleaning. I love it, I really really do. It doesn't seem like a chore for me then when then end result is sharing my home.
Now there is no way I would probably ever be motivated enough to do it otherwise. LOL. Yes I am wierd I know.

Lots of ideas and thoughts going on with planning the Star Wars and Princess parties, will keep you posted as I get things done and find pics.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little bit of Randomness

It is so windy out today. Very sunny though too. It looks all nice out, but it is very deceiving this weather. When you walk out side it is brrrr cold. My computer says it is 39. ya that is cold. And the wind gusts aren't helping any either.

So I was excepted to host a House party for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Creams. Very excited- one because the party will be on my birthday and two because they are sending lots of fun stuff for me (the host) and my guests. I am already thinking of other fun stuff to put in the guest bags. Any ideas please share!?! More randomness...
Isn't he the cutest ever. Dasher has gotten so big since he came to stay on Christmas. He is such a cuddler. He will follow me around the house and then whine at the couch when he wants me to sit so he can snuggle. Right now both doggies are asleep at my feet on the bed while I type this. I will say one thing that gets old is all the playing, LOL. Dasher can get pretty loud. The two of them play so well together. It just seems like if I am in the room they have to be leaning against me while they play, so I get the occasional head butt on the shins or teeth stabbed into my legs.
Otherwise life is still going on. Even with all our issues we are having right now, life still happens and we are just strengthening our relationship with God and each other.
I finished two layouts last night at our Church's Ladies Craft Night so I will post those after I do a few more layouts tonight.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

retreat layouts

Here are the layouts I finished on my retreat a few weeks ago. I had so much fun and can't wait for next year already. Might have to find one in the summer to tide me over for a while.

Real Men wear aprons was done using Little Yellow Bicycle.

Used Dear Lizzy rose ribbon on this Emma layout, also some Heidi Swap and Thickers.
I just loved using American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas products on these three layouts. I think all my Chritmas layouts have Diear Lizzy on them.

Used Echo Parks Products on these last two layouts.