Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Edited: Another year another resolution

So every year I try and make resolutions and pick a Word that I want to follow. Not to sure what this years word will be, but I want it to sum up what all my resolutions are about.

2009 word was MOVE

As most of you know this year I quit taking Paxil, with that came up some issues. I have lacked in the organizing skills I usually have had. Menu planning, scrapbooking, list making, chores have all been lacking also because of this. I just feel like there is so much of it and my brain overloads and instead of it getting done I just shut down. Unless you have gone through this it can be hard to explain. I am basically having to learn how to do all this all over again. So this year that is one of my resolutions is to get back on track with our life being organized.

Another thing I have noticed I haven't scrapped since I stopped taking the Paxil, just really didn't have an interest in it, but my goal is to get back on it. I am so far behind and I really do miss it. I miss the feeling of finishing that layout and seeing what I have created, it really is a great feeling. saying to yourself 'ooh that is so cute'. I need to get scrapping!

My goal last January was to start exercising, um ya that didn't really happen until September. But since I started I feel so much better, my eating has gotten better, I haven't gotten sick and I have lost 11 pounds. Not as much as I would have liked to lose, I have about 10 more to go because I still have to wear my fat jeans. My butt seems to always be the last to go, LOL. also as most of you know I have taken a challenge to run the Viking Fest 10k with a friend, that is 6 miles if you don't know. Now for someone unphysical like me this is a big challenge. So I have two resolutions here; stay fit and run the Viking Fest 10k in May.

Next is kind of a money thing and I really don't talk about money on here, but this will be short and sweet. I would love to pay of the boat this summer.

So by writing all this I think that my word this year might have to be MOVE again. Just seems to fit what I would like to accomplish this year. Unless you have another idea I would love to hear them. If you aren't able to post on here just email me you word.

Edited: I decided to use two words this year because I really liked another word and it also just fit in with my idea of what I wanted to accomplish this year. So without further ado the new word is PLAN.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec.25, Christmas Day

Our House
Wyatt was very excited when he woke up.

Dixie killed her duck within 20 minutes of getting it.
My pink loot this year. Ryan and Zach opening their Xbox we got them. (thanks goodness for sales)
Papa and Nana's house
Wyatt looks pretty funny in this pic, but it is the only one where everyone is looking.Derek got his Duck's Unlimited whiskey. He has collected these the last 3 years.
Aunt Judy opening the fleece frog blanket we got her.The girls opening their gift form us. I was
afraid they wouldn't like it but I guess they did. It was a box full of stuff I have gotten over the last 3 months with coupons, anything and everything you could think of for the bathroom. Nail plish, hair products, shamppos, deo, makeup, etc.This was the year of quilts from my parents for the kids.

Wyatt opening gift from Hardwick's.Maggie enjoying some quiet time.

Thanks Uncle B and Aunt Pat, Grampa Ben and Grandma Marylee and Papa and teetah we loved everything. Thanks Dad and Mom too it was a great Christmas.

Dec 24, Eve

Derek trying to play the Wii and on the laptop.
Rick gettin his game on. Colton was getting all fancy with his bowling.It was a fun Christmas Eve, we had pizza and played the Wii over at Rick and Dani's house.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Today was about random cooking. I made peanut butter fudge, jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, roasted spicy yams and steak. So the only pic I have is from my jalapenos.
I also cleaned the bathroom from head to toe.

Tues., Dec.22

Today was all about getting some shopping in. We had to pick Colton up in Tacoma so we made a few stops. One of our stops was to Artco where we picked up a Santa key. The back reads

Santa's Magic Key

We'll hang our stockings on the wall.
We have no fireplaces at all.

We'll leave out our Santa key,
plainly for you to see.

Your magic will make the key fit right,
so you can enter our house tonight.


Today I was very excited Derek fixed my cabinet door that broke over 2 years ago. This door has just been sitting propped against the cabinet and falls on people, especially me, all the time.

Sunday, Dec.20

5 Days left and we all here are very excited.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec.19, Party

On Saturday night we were invited over to the Walsh's house , this is Wyatt's friend Connor from preschool, to their annual Boat Parade Party. They had lots of food, drinks, they had a bonfire outside and they also had a Santa come by and see the kids.

No that is not snow, but rain. Here the boys are watching the boats go by.The bonfire.Here is Wyatt seeing Santa coming the house. He was so surprised.I think Connor and Wyatt were the most excited about Santa stopping by.
Can I just tell you this is the most fun thing I think we have done this winter, besides the Santa Train. Thanks you so much Danielle for inviting us!!!


Friday night we drove around and looked at House lights. I love doing this. Wyatt is loving this too. This house inparticular had lights that blinked to songs on the radio. It was so cool.


So today we went a saw a reindeer at Clear Creek Nursery. Wyatt thought it was so cool, but thought we should have all of Santa's reindeer not just two of them.

I also had my Christmas wrapping party that night, but didn't get any pics myself so I have to get copies from my Aunt Judy ,who took pics.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec.16, Christmas Program

Wyatt had his school Christmas program today. He did pretty good, he sat there and would sing for a few minutes and then would stop then start up agian(seen in video). I am just glad he got up there cause he kept saying he was scared all week.

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Today went drove out to IKEA and got a few things, Wyatt loves playing in the play area for kids. Otherwise not much happened today. The weather sucks, it is super rainy right now.


Putting Wyatt's tree up in his room.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

DEC.13- Santa Train

Waiting for the train.Giving our tickets to the conductor.Reading a Christmas story while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate while waiting for the train to head back to North Bend. When we got back to North Bend it was snowing, Wyatt had fun catching snow flakes.