Monday, March 27, 2006

Well Wyatt learned to wave yesterday. As I was putting him down for bed last night I told him to tell daddy night and as I was walking away he waved. I turned to Derek with this look on my face, he too saw it. So we told Wyatt to wave night night again. And as he was he looked at his hand curling up in this odd waving position, and he had this look on his face as if to say "Wow I didn't know you could move this way"
He is growing up so fast. Last week he got two more teeth on the bottom (so now he has 4). He is taking one step, and then falls, but he loves to try and just gets this giggle coming out of him while doing it. I think half his problem is he gets so excited doing it that he falls. He can stand up from a sitting position, he has only done this s few times, but it's a start.
He is eating more and more real people food with no tummy problems. And is almost completly on a cup and bottle. No more nursing. I figured that with his one year birthday coming up I figure it was time. Time for both of us.
He will be 11 months in about a week. WOW! Time just flies even when you are trying to take it slow and enjoy it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

OK here are a few new ones of Wyatt. The top one was when I caught him pulling out the wipes and eating them.
This one is of him putting the ballin the hole. He has gotten good at it. Yea he is sitting on the dino's head. That's his spot.


Here is my latest page I did of Wyatt. Hope you like it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A New Day

Well not to much has been going on, plus we have been having problems with our internet, that's why I haven't been on here. Wyatt's lastest tooth has finally broke through. YEA! If you are looking at him it is on the bottom right side. I can't wait for it to show in pics. He has been really good at night too. He went to sleep at 8, up at 4 and took a bottle and went right back to sleep after 30 minutes of being up. He is getting pretty good at this, but it has been only one night on the bottle. Hey I am just glad that he is finally taking one. Not to much else is going on.
We went to costco and I got new cups. And for those of you who don't know for the last, well forever I have used old Tostidos salsa jars as my cups, but i did it today I bought new cups. They are really cool I like them alot.
Man my life is sad, hehe.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My promise to my kids

Well I made a promise to my kids today that their birthday will always be very important to me. I told Colton today that on his birthday no matter where he is or I am I will call him on his birthday in the morning so his doesn't have to go all day wondering if I remembered. And I make this promise to my other boys also even though I haven't told them personally. Besides your wedding day what other day should be more important to friends and family then the day of your birth. I think this is the greatest day and that is why I try so hard to send cards and call people on their bday. Celebrate life people and the lifes of the people near you. As a person who went through it today it feels so crappy not to here from the people who you think are part of your life until the day is almost over or at all, wondering if they remember or if you even matter to them. This day is a day to wonder if the time you take to send cards for birthdays, fathers day, christmas, mothers day, or any other holiday are worth your time. OK enough of that hope your day went better than mine. It of course wasn't all lost I had my hubby , sons, and those who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just like Martha

Well Wyatt didn't sleep at all last night, well that's what it felt like. He laid down at 7:30 and he went to bed good, but then he got up at around 1 something and I let him cry for 30 min. then got up with him for ten min., laid him back down, he cried for another 20 min., then I got up with him for another 30. He seemed to be gettting drowsy so I laid him down and he started screaming again. So this time Derek tried it and he brought him in to lay with us, but that didn't work. So I just got up with him and brought him out to the living room where we were up till 4am. I just ended up letting him crawl around and I watched tv. He crawled up to me and seemed like he wanted up and he curled up and fell asleep. So I got to bed back at 4am. And to make matters worse Derek and I stayed up till mdnight talking. And the funny thing is one of the things we talked about, I heard on Martha Stewart's tv show yesterday that she only gets 3 hours of sleep a night. Not sure how she does it. I am exhausted.
Oh and no I never nursed him, oh he wanted it, but I wasn't going to do it we have made it this far. Night #4.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here is my baby. He is such a sweetie. Yea he can cry alot, but then he smiles. So sweet. He just loves the camera.

I'm a copycat

OK OK so I am a copycat, but you guys are just so smart (you know who you are) you should feel blessed that I want to be just like you. Not that I ever really have anything going on in my life but I will fill everyone in on the boys when something new comes along. OH I am doing laundry today, yup that is how exciting my life is.
Wyatt as most of you know is starting to stand on his own. And his new favorite thing is to clap. He claps all the time. He is so funny when he gets introuble for getting into the cupboard, he looks at me and claps. When I catch him eating my magazines, he looks at me and claps. As of last night he has slept through two nights in a row, with no nursing. Yea we are on a roll.
Well Wyatt is down for his nap so I should probably take a shower. Oh maybe not Tyra is on and it is about clutter.