Sunday, March 12, 2006

My promise to my kids

Well I made a promise to my kids today that their birthday will always be very important to me. I told Colton today that on his birthday no matter where he is or I am I will call him on his birthday in the morning so his doesn't have to go all day wondering if I remembered. And I make this promise to my other boys also even though I haven't told them personally. Besides your wedding day what other day should be more important to friends and family then the day of your birth. I think this is the greatest day and that is why I try so hard to send cards and call people on their bday. Celebrate life people and the lifes of the people near you. As a person who went through it today it feels so crappy not to here from the people who you think are part of your life until the day is almost over or at all, wondering if they remember or if you even matter to them. This day is a day to wonder if the time you take to send cards for birthdays, fathers day, christmas, mothers day, or any other holiday are worth your time. OK enough of that hope your day went better than mine. It of course wasn't all lost I had my hubby , sons, and those who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday.

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MrsWndr said...

I'm sorry your birthday was crappy Heather...your post kind ofmade me feel like I forgot it, even though I called.