Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm a copycat

OK OK so I am a copycat, but you guys are just so smart (you know who you are) you should feel blessed that I want to be just like you. Not that I ever really have anything going on in my life but I will fill everyone in on the boys when something new comes along. OH I am doing laundry today, yup that is how exciting my life is.
Wyatt as most of you know is starting to stand on his own. And his new favorite thing is to clap. He claps all the time. He is so funny when he gets introuble for getting into the cupboard, he looks at me and claps. When I catch him eating my magazines, he looks at me and claps. As of last night he has slept through two nights in a row, with no nursing. Yea we are on a roll.
Well Wyatt is down for his nap so I should probably take a shower. Oh maybe not Tyra is on and it is about clutter.


MrsWndr said...

Heather, I hate to tell you, but your page is green. =) I'm glad you're doing this too. It's fun to read what's on the minds of those you love most.

Beth said...

It's about dang time you got on here. Maybe you should post some pictures,too.