Saturday, April 30, 2011

Star Wars gift bags

Here is a pic of the gift bags for Wyatt's Star Wars party tomorrow. They turned out super cute I think.
I started with a black bag from Oriental Trading Co. The bag was to tall though so I cute several inches off the top and then made new holes and restrung the handles. Wyatt wanted to help put the star stickers on, but that lasted long enough for 1 bag.
I did up the bags by family since there were alot of siblings gonna be there, but each bag has girl/boy items in them. Also everything I got was either on sale of clearance. Items in the bags our-
Star Wars puzzle from Dollar tree
Star glasses & necklace
Star Wars Silly bands (from valentines day)
Glow in dark braclet
Pixie Sticks (lightsabers)
Star Wars stickers and fruit snacks
Glow in the dark stars

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

So taking a break from Star Wars party stuff (it will return in the next post, LOL) I thought I'd share a few pic of our Easter.
We started the morning with the Easter basket of course (thanks Gma Marylee for the Clone Wars towel, he loved it) but that I must say wasn't the hit of the day.

This year the church rented out the local colleges Student Center. It was a packed house for sure.(The hit of the day was this)Then later in the grass outside they hosted a Easter egg hunt for all the kids. These were the eggs I helped stuff on one of the Craft nights for the ladies. I think we stuff over 2000 of them, so there was NO shortage of eggs for the kids for sure.Wyatt is using the milk jug basket he made at Kid's Craft day the day before.

It was an awesome day with friends and family (dinner later that night with Rick and Dani, tater tot nachos)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wyatt's Drawings

So Wyatt's loves to draw Star Wars pictures, here are a few of them. I have decided to use these as a centerpiece for his birthday Party. Anakin and Clone.

Red Clone

This is the furry guy that takes Luke.

This a Rolling droid, the dude with all the arms and someone else. He is sleeping or I would ask him, so you will just have to take my description. LOL

And the great Wookie, R2 and C3PO.

Obi and another Clone (think it is Rex)

So those are the ones he has drawn so far. He totally loves to draw and I haven't seen many drawings of 5 yo, but I don't think he is that bad. I know I know I am his mom or course I would think he is good. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to get busy

Very Excited we are getting closer to

Kid's Craft day

and Wyatt's Birthday Party.

This is going to be a busy and full 2 weeks. Because with these two things comes a long list of things that need to get done this week (kid's Craft day at the church is this Saturday) and then things that need to be done by next week for Wyatt's party (which is on Saturday the 30th)

Kids Craft Day

-I still need to buy all the left over items for craft day, long Micheals list

-Get rest of egg cartons from Candy

-Cut the egg cartons

-Cut paper for hand tracing

-Get people to help cut milk jugs

-get soil (see if Tomisha will do this)

-buy stuff for yogurt bar(maybe see if Jenn W. will do this)

-Make samples to display

-Set up for it Friday night after Good Friday Service

-Wyatt actually has Lowe's build and Grow that morning too

Wyatt's Star Wars Party

-Hand out invites today

-Scan Wyatt's pics

-Make centerpieces

-make paper chains

-Put label and stars on gift bags

-Package gift bags

-But roll of black table runner

-Make space ship out of large box

-Find out what food people are bringing

-Buy food (make list)

-Make food labels

-Make another star garland (found two more packs of stars)

I am sure there is more to add, but this is a good start for me. Also to add to these 4 housese to clean these weeks and helping Ester out at least once a week. I just need to print this out and get going on it. No slacking for me.

What do you have going on this week? Do you have any tips and how to stay sain in all this?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter baskets

I really like doing themed baskets. I really wish I would have gotten a picture last year but he was to quick finding it. Is it sad also that I have to do some research to even find out what I got him. just have no clue what I got him I want to say it was crafty things, like markers and things. This year I am doing a outdoor fun basket it willl include a pair of sun glasses, water football, dirt hand shovel from IKEA, bubbles, water gun, bug viewfinder, and his grandma is sending him a Clone wars beach towel. I know he would probaly prefer Star wars items, but his birthday party is a week after and I am sure most of his presents will be Star Wars items. In 2009 he got a garden tool basket. It had a shovel, pick, hand tools, gloves, markers and bubbles.

I miss him this small :(

What kind of basket are you doing?? Do you do theme or just buy items?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lists are my Friend

So this week is gonna be very hectic and super busy. I have made several lists around the house so I hopefully won't forget anything. LOL
9-wyatt to school
920-interview for new house to clean
1030-help ester
330-pick wyatt up

9-wyatt to school
920-interview for new cleaning job
1030-help ester
330-pick wyatt up
6-BBQ w/friends

9-wyatt to school
130-pick wyatt up
200-wyatt are going to Target to make a birthday list
Place OTC order

9-wyatt to school
930- help Ester
330-pick wyatt up

9-wyatt to school
12-clean house
330- pick wyatt up

2-Wyatt has goes to SuperCross

So on top of all this of course the usual household things like; dishes,vacuum, sweep, cooking, laundry, etc.
-make star garland (use moms sewing machine)
-Print Wyatt's invites
-make labels for party food
-Call for oil change
-call DSHS
-make menu
-grocery shopping (poor dogs are out of dog food)
-get egg cartons from Candy
-Need to talk to ladies at church and get help with prepping for Kids Craft Day (April 23)

I really need to keep on this list, the next several weeks will all be like this with planning and having Wyatt's party and Kid's craft day, finding out and making the choice about the house, Easter Service, and planning Kylie's Farm Party. Planning and lists will hopefully make this easier and go smoothly.
Also my week while Wyatt is in school is gone, if I am not cleaning I will be with Ester and helping her out.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I need a change

So I have the spring fever itch and I need to decorate something, paint something, plant something or rearrange something. You ever feel like that?
So I have been looking at making some changes in our house. One thing that I will be doing is Wyatt's room, finally getting rid of the last of the toddler stuff and going big boy. He really is in to Star Wars, but I try to just add little touches of it and keep everything else pretty neutral so it can be used with any theme.

The grandmas are getting him this desk for his birthday. In the shelves I will put his craft boxes and crayon buckets. And the nice thing about this desk is they have a bookshelf, dresser, hutch, nightstand, and head board to match so if later he has his own room we can get this stuff to match the desk.
I would love to get him a solar system to put in his room. I will also be putting glow in the dark stars up (they are a party favor for his birthday.) Now of course with adding the desk I will be having to rearrange his room to make it fit, but hey that is what I love. :)

Oh and OMG how cool is this, I found it at Pottery Barn. I have to get it. :)

Decorating your party

In my quest for the perfectly decorated party I am seeing alot of new decorating ideas. I thought I would share them all in one post and see what you all think and see if maybe you have some new ideas.

This idea was cute, just running strips of paper through your sewing machine.

Here they just cut slits into crepe paper. A great idea.
Of course this idea has been really popular this last year, the tissue paper pom pom (how to link). And the lanterns were purchased at Party City for $5

I love this idea of a zig zag streamer. So easy and quick just cutting construction paper.

I thought this was a cute idea covering a balloon with paste and string.

And the newest trend I am seeing around the Internet is paper chains, yes you heard me right those simple cheap things we used to make when we were kids. They look super cute though right.
And of course one of the biggest trends of all banners and candy bars.

You have any ideas you have done or seen I would love to see them.