Thursday, January 31, 2008

thank you aunt kimi

Aunt Kimi bought wyatt a thomas pop up tent. He loves it and drags it from room to room.

These first few pics are of wyatt dragging the tent through the house. He loves just sitting in it with his Thomas lantern, he says 'ohh dak' (dark).

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday wrap up

Well I am so proud of myself today. I cleaned my kitchen and emptied the sink, I cleared my washer/dryer off, I cleaned up all toys off floor (swept and vacummed). So excited. It's a start right?
I went to meet some girls today to finish working on some great V-day crafts, but they couldn't make it, but that's ok I got an hour off from Wyatt and painted my caps for a particular project. Tomorrow I will show you all the stuff I have been working on, lots or cards, and several crafty things. I'm pretty excited. None of these ideas are my own of course, but hey I make them my own.
I swear I just looked down at the clock I haven't been to bed before 11.30 this whole week. To much caffine i think.
Well things here in the house are still not so good, DH business still isn't getting money owed to them which of course means we aren't getting payed. It is starting to take its toll, I mean seriously what can I do robb a bank (trust me i thoguht about it, just couldn't get away with it, LOL) The credit card is maxed, bills aren't getting paid and we are running out of cash. grr I hate having a problem and not being able to fix it, I know DH is feeling this same way. It's like you are stuck in a box with lots of ideas how to escape, but you KNOW none of them will really work. Sorry I'm not looking for a pitty party I just need to vent I hate to vent to DH anymore cause I know he is frusterated too. I think it might be time not to wait for the job I was hoping for and start hitting the pavement for a part time job. And what sucks is no part time job will really give us the large immediate help we need. . I trust god is looking out for us and isn't giving us anything we can't handle. I do beleive that but it still can be hard. Please just say a prayer for our family
Sorry Aunt kim I still can't upload photos on here, but i will try tomorrow.
Well goodnight all and sorry about spelling errors, spell check isn't working either.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just want to thank you all for readin my blog post yesterday and for all your comments. It is always nice to know that we are not alone in this. I have been wanting to write about this for awhile, but always thought I would be jugged, I think I always felt like I had to put on a cap and be supermom for everyone to see, well honey I am not, not by a long shot and I won't pretend to be anymore. But I wanted to share part of an email that I got yesterday from a friend. When I read it I got so choked up and am so glad I did get the courage to write what I did.

i just read your blog this morning and i give you so much credit. i really enjoy getting them and this particular one this morning had me sitting in my computer chair crying. sometimes i feel like i am the only one and that i am somewhat of a failure.

Then I also got this email from my mom.

I have the same problem. I notice that if I have something that has to get done like for a trip to go on then I am gung ho. I rush around and clean up or sort or whatever. Its like I don't want to come back to a lot to do. So that tells me in order to be motivated I have to have a goal.
That got my thinking, that is totally me, when we went to MO for the week, when we left that was the cleanest my house has been in along time. So hmm maybe that is what I need to do, start having little goals through out the day. For instance, a clean kitchen sink, and mine always has something in it so this would be a miracle. Or no folded clothes on the top of the dryer at the end of the day. Now not sure how this will work on everything I have to do, but it might help with he small daily chores.
So this is what I am going to try , no TO DO lists, but daily goal lists. And of course we will again so how this works out, it may get changed in a week, but that will be ok. SO my Goal list for today.
top of dryer empty
empty sink
empty dish drainer
clean living room floor, not including sons trains
10 V-day cards completed

Thanks for stopping by girls.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I've been tagged..

10 Random fact about me
***This is posted on my MySpace blog, but I thought I'd post it here for everyone to read.***

1. If I have plans in my head of what I want to do, I have a real problem when the plans get changed.
2. I gave up having friends for awhile because, I got tired of being the only one to make the effort .
3. I have to watch all my shows for the week and if I am going to miss them I have to DVR them, no exceptions.
4. I used to sleep with my socks on at night, but now I can't stand to have them on. Not sure when that changed.
5. I don't like chunks in my salsa, I prefer to have it blended.
6. I hate the smell of vanilla, you know like candles and lotions and stuff.
7. I love to organize things, such as parties, class, ect.
8. I hate cat and dog hair on my clothes, the couch, the house. (that is one thing that is keeping me from getting one. Don't get me wrong I love dogs and cats and would love to have one, but can't stand the hair.)
9. I hate people who don't RSVP, seriously how hard is it.
10. Now the biggy- If I am going to a new town I HAVE TO find and go to their local scrapbook store. It has become an addiction.

3:30 am brain

OK so it is now 5.21 am in the morning. I have been up since 3.30am. Can't sleep, don't you hate those nights when your brain is thinking about a million things you wish you would, could and should do. This is how my brain would look right now on paper.


So instead of laying there and thinking about it I figured I would get up and type it out for the world to see and maybe that would help me a little be a little more accountable for these thoughts.
So I signed up for this happy mail thing on SIStv, so excited. You get a partner and you two send each other notes, cards, etc. for the next two months. I love mail. So then also you get a list of the 50+ girls with addys to mail random cards to through out the months, so fun, I think, I could easly make and send each girl a card, no prob with staying home all day. Then it hits me yea right, I talk big, but will it happen, will I send each girl a happy thought.
Come on heather you are home all day, have plenty of time to do ALL housework plus more ,but I don't . Why is this I ask myself, why can't I do all the things I should be doing and more, I have the time. How hard is it really to sweep, vaccuum, do dishes and cook meals. I just never seem to have the energy or the drive to do it. I am so tired of these ugly colored walls, the same stupid food I cook every week, the same routine over and over.
I even made a clipboard to hang on my fridge to help me remember what kind of stuff to do everyday, do I use it, no. Do you ever feel like your life is stuck.
No don't get me wrong, love my family and love my life, I just wish I could get a system and have fun with it, stick to it, enjoy being a stay at home mom. Just never seem to. I get all these ideas and try them for a week or so and then they fade away into the distance.
GRRR! OK I think I have said all that is floating around in my brain. It didn't help to get it out, my brain is still thinking, but at least it is here and maybe having it out and on paper computer I can come back and read these thoughts and it will push my butt into gear.

Thanks for staying with me for the long post. WOuld love to here what you do to make it through and get it all done.

OK that is just gross.

I saw this on Too many recipes blog.
OK I think the title says it all.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just another day

Wyatt loves his Eggo's, he even now goes and gets them out of the freezer, gets the toaster (it is to heavy to lift up on the counter, so I do that) and he puts it in the toaster.
His words for this project-

Booberry eggo
toadter (toasterm)
too heaby (to heavy to lift the toaster up)

For Christmas Grandma Marylee and Papa Ben got him this smart cycle I have been meaning to put a pic up, but kept forgetting to do it. He goes backwards most of the time, but is getting pretty good at going forward.

Friday, January 25, 2008

To short to have a title...

Well I just wanted to stop by and say not much is going on. We are hanging in there, just living day by day. I will hopefully post some new pics her sometime this weekend. I haven't scrapped to much lately, really haven't been in the mood. You all will be the first to know when I do.
Did you notice my new blog title, that is a corner of my scrap table. I will retake it when I get the new glass jar I want for my buttons, it is so cool, found it at micheals, just got to get a coupon and some money.
Well I hope you are all doing well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greek Chicken

Wow this was so great. So juicy. It was the best youall have to try it.

3 lbs. chicken ( I just used 4 piecese)
1/2 C mayo
1/2 C olive oil
1/4 C parsley
1/4 C lemon juice
2 Tbsp Chicken bouillon
1 Tbsp oregano
1 1/2 tsp black pepper
2 cloves garlic

Combine all ingredients in a seperate bowl and pour over the chicken in a baking dish. Marinate for 2+ hours. Bake at 400 for about 45 min.

I received this recipe from this blog

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Library visit

My poor husband so wants a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to train for duck hunting. Since we can't really afford one right now he has settled on reading about them. I had just read the two books wyatt checked out and that wasn't good enough I guess. He took daddies books from him set them on the edge of the couch and made him read to him instead. He sure is into Max and Ruby right now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

meals and a word...

I always talk about doing things, excercise, cleaning on schedule, mealplanning, planting a veggie garden, making all my cards, my list here could go on & on.... So I chose one word to try and strive for through out the year, this year I wanted to use one that would help me get all this done. I think with such a big task one word isn't enough so I picked 3--JUST DO IT! I hate that it is a nike phrase but it fits to a tee. If you want to pick a word to help you achive something this year visit Ali's blog to get your words flowin.
Now I just need to think of something to do to help me remeber this, not sure what maybe some kind of wall art to put on my craft wall. I'll let you know.

I am hoping that this will encourage me to do what I want and just get it all done.

So sticking to my word here is my meal plan for the next week and a half.

-Pizza Breadstick Casserole

-Steakum sandwiches & fries

-Slowcooker Chicken, rice & green beans

-Homemade pizza & Rootbeer Floats

-Brushetta Chicken & salad

-Pork Chops, chessy potatoes & creamed corn

-Baja beef, beans & Tex mex rice

-Steak, garlic roasted potatoes & cheese brocolli

-Greek Chicken, greeak potatoes & zuchinni

Dolphins, tigers and dragons, oh my...

Well our trip to Missouri was SO great. We had so much fun and would like to thank everyone over there who made it such a great trip.

Lets see we went to some of the greatest restaurants, I got to shop at all the stores that I had on my list and got to visit with everyone we hoped we'd see.

Well pics always tell the story so here are some pics from our visit, of course I wish I would have gotten some more of wyatt with each person, but just need to remmeber that for next time.
Derek and Wyatt trying to keep me from going through the door.Dinner at Maggiano's, the best Italian family style eating.Visiting Wyatt's great grandpa, Art (and great grandma betty)This is where the title came from. Teresa took wyatt on the merry go round 6 times. He loved it, I had to stop watching after the 4 one it got to much watching him go round and round and round.

And of course so much more happened on this trip but I won't bore you with my details, but we has sucha a great time.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Journal & Our trip

Hello all- well I pretty much finished my Christams journal on Sat. at the crop. I have a few pages that our not for the journal that I want to add, like pics of the boys on Cmas and our tree hunt, but those will have to wait until after our trip. Yup we are takin a trip to MO, yea so excited. We will be gone until Tues the 15th, so I am not sure how much I will be on here or even checkin email. I will post lots of pics and even have a great idea for amini album I want to do.
Here is my 'pretty much' finished album. I love how the cover turned out.

Here is a 2007 album in review I made with my new laminator. There are more pages, but you get the idea from these three. And so you get the size of it, the album is made from regular playing cards.

Thanks for stoppin by.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christams Journal- Day 21, 25 & 32

This one was what was happening on that day, so I took some random shots around the house. The one in the middle is of Ryan, Zach and wyatt all laying on the couch together, it was so cute.Not sure how hard it is to see but the first layout has a overlay over top that has the journaling on the back of the big picture. The picture is of Wyatt trying to catch the snow on Christams day.