Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dolphins, tigers and dragons, oh my...

Well our trip to Missouri was SO great. We had so much fun and would like to thank everyone over there who made it such a great trip.

Lets see we went to some of the greatest restaurants, I got to shop at all the stores that I had on my list and got to visit with everyone we hoped we'd see.

Well pics always tell the story so here are some pics from our visit, of course I wish I would have gotten some more of wyatt with each person, but just need to remmeber that for next time.
Derek and Wyatt trying to keep me from going through the door.Dinner at Maggiano's, the best Italian family style eating.Visiting Wyatt's great grandpa, Art (and great grandma betty)This is where the title came from. Teresa took wyatt on the merry go round 6 times. He loved it, I had to stop watching after the 4 one it got to much watching him go round and round and round.

And of course so much more happened on this trip but I won't bore you with my details, but we has sucha a great time.

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Teetah said...

Those are great pictures. I was still talking tonite about how dizzy I got. I think Wyatt had the same problem when he yelled "stop" and covered his eyes. Papa will have to go next time. Keep showing him the pictures so he remembers how much fun we had. I'm on the way back to the store to get that pink sweater for my niece. You have me hooked. Teetah