Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just another day

Wyatt loves his Eggo's, he even now goes and gets them out of the freezer, gets the toaster (it is to heavy to lift up on the counter, so I do that) and he puts it in the toaster.
His words for this project-

Booberry eggo
toadter (toasterm)
too heaby (to heavy to lift the toaster up)

For Christmas Grandma Marylee and Papa Ben got him this smart cycle I have been meaning to put a pic up, but kept forgetting to do it. He goes backwards most of the time, but is getting pretty good at going forward.


Kimi said...

All your kids like eggos, yeah? I remember the older boys walking around with them. Sweet cycle he's got there.

WriterGirl said...

he is just too cute!

Lillsisslill said...

He is so cute! "Booberry eggo" sounds really good!!!


Lisa said...

What fun! Sure do wish I had something like that as a child..
He is cute, cute!
btw.. if we ever have a little boy.. Wyatt is on our list of names :)