Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coram Deo Kids Crafts Days

So I have this great friend Nette, when I met her she was a nanny to her nieces. She loves to craft with kids so every month she would host a craft day at her house and all the kids loved it. Nette always had a dream to host a BIG craft day for all the kids in the neighborhood, since her house can only hold so many. This was my dream to so we were a perfect match. I pushed encouraged and helped her to do it back in August last year at our church. See the girls were getting older and their mom wanted them to head to preschool. So Nette was gonna head back to school which meant no more craft days. So we now are doing less of them, but added 30 plus kids. LOL. Yes we are crazy. Our friend Tomisha also helped in this task.

First we pick a day and theme. August was a End of Summer/back to school one. We have also done a fall and Christmas . In February we hosted a Love one for Valentines day, but there are no pics for this one. It was actually one of are busiest. We had 40 kids and 35 adults.

At the end of April we are hosting a spring time one with lost of Easter and spring crafts. We have lots of great ideas already.

-We are going to get these pots (they are only .49, which is great since I have to buy 40 of them)from IKEA and have the kids plants flower seeds.

-Are church the next day will have church service and an egg hunt so we are gong to have the kids make baskets out of milk jugs.

-We will make butterflies with eggs cartons. that is a great easy one. The kids will you water colors to paint the wings instead of regular paint.

-We found this great project making an empty tomb with a paper plate.

-Last is this handprint cross. So the plan is set now it is time to start buying and prepping. I hope to see you there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

All around town

I am loving driving around town right now. Cherry bloosoms every where.

Which makes me think I need to buy or make some to put up around the house.
To bad I will never have a girl so I could do it for a theme for the room. But instead I just need to get my tatoo so I can enjoy them all year round.
I just love cherry blossoms!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Princess Party

So I was asked by a friend, Etta, to plan her daughter 4th Birthday party. They wanted a princess party with lots of pink and purple. Which for a mom with no girls it was so nice to do. Here are some pics of the decorations. Wish I could have done more, but with such a big space and limited money I did my best and she loved it so I am super happy.

This was the crown craft table where the kids got to decorate their own crown.
The food and cake tables. I had a friend make wand cookies for everyone to take home.The Birthday Girl.My friend and also Aunt of the birthday girl made the cake and cupcakes. (she is also the one who made the popcorn cupcakes for my son Wyatt's carnival party) Here is the dress up area, There was lots of dress up and play time.The wands were from Oriental trading Co and I made the swords. The boys had a ton of fun with swords.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dasher loves ballooons

Dixie on the other hand DOES NOT!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This weeks To Dos

edited 03/16
So it is almost the day of the Princess Party (March 19). Time to make a list of all the little things that are left to do and all my house weekly things that also have to be done.

Buy another cute jar for candy table. Don't need to, my sister had one.
Make pink and white covered pretzels.
Make 2 purple tissue paper pom poms.
Finish big centerpiece.
Finish Crown Banner- find ribbon, cut paste word Princess
Get stand up mirror from friend.
Buy stuff from Party City- candy, lanterns, big plates and napkins, and order balloons.
Make bags.
Put together bags.
Get key form Candy for CC.
Friday decorate Community Center.

Go to Ikea with Dani.
Call for Oil Change.
grocery shop for week.
Clean Bremerton and Tahuya house on Thursday.

And then of course during the week added to it will be dishes, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. LOL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ladies Craft Night

So last month at our Ladies Craft Night at church I did two layouts, sorry it took so long to post.
Figured I should post these since tomorrow night is another craft night, LOL.
Wish these wouldn't be so bringht, but I really need a new camera.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Knight Swords

So I finished the swords for the Princess Party. I got for free 5 gl and 1 gl stir sticks from the paint store. Duck tape and black electrical tape for less than $5 with coupons. These were really easy to make. I decided to use tape instead of paint, because I didn't want to spend the time sanding. I applies the metallic tape the long way as to not waste it wrapping it around the other way. I then hot glued a a cut 1 gl stick to the 5 gl one and wrapped it with black electrical tape.
The boys are gonna love these.
You can also check out the gift bags I made here, the centerpieces here, and the invites here.
Check out this site for more great ideas.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, March 06, 2011

My kind of week

So this week is gonna be super busy, but it's totally my kind of week. I have a ton of stuff i want need to get done. Seems I feel so much more productive (and really do like) when I am kept busy. Don't get me wrong I do LOVE my lazy days too. LOL. BUT I do crash hard if I try to do to much in a small amount of time. I then have trouble getting back into the swing of things. Hence the no meal planning for like the last 3 months. It all just has to be proportioned out right.
I have several things coming up, Saturday is my House party so I really want to finish going through the house and getting stuff sorted, picked up and cleaned (maybe a little spring cleaning). And I still have lots I want to do for the Princess Birthday party in 2 weeks. So I need a good list of what needs to get done and what is going on so I don't get forgetful or lost.

Derek is helping friend building ramp
Grocery Shopping?
Dinner- Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

Make centerpieces w/ Jenefer & Tomisha
get white table cloth from mom's
Dinner- Salad w/ Chicken

Make pom poms For Princess party
Finish up Crown Banner for P. party
Dinner- Fiesta Barley Casserole, french Bread

Wyatt half day out 130
Clean bathroom (all)
Clean oven
Make gift bags for House Party
Dinner- Pulled Pork sandwiches, Sweet potato fries (crockpot)

Clean 2 houses (Belfair & Etta)
Life Group? Dinner?

Wyatt half day out 130
Shop for food for House Party
Clean MY house
Derek get Colton
Ladies Craft Night at church 6pm (relax) Bring snack
Dinner- Boys fend for selves, I will eat at Craft Night

MY Birthday (woo hoo)
Cook and set up for party (doing 4 dishes)
3pm Philly House Party
Dinner- No cooking for me :)

With all that there are some things that don't have a particular day, but need to get done.
-Grocery List
-Figure out 4 meals for House Party
-Pay IRS
-Appt. for oil Change
-clip dogs nails
-Grocery Shop
-Run to Micheals for gems (use coupon)
-Target-get necklaces on clearance rack for Wyatt's party (yes I know this is early,but they only had 3 left and I need two, got to get them while they are cheap and there)
-Party City for lanterns
-Find the glitter that I need to finish crowns for centerpieces
-Finish knight swords

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Princess Centerpieces

I have come to find that I do very well if I have awhile to plan parties. I am one of those that has to think and try out several different ideas until I have exactly what I want to do. Until I love it. I kind of knew what I wanted but it took me alost a week to get it just right.
Again just like the bags I used Dollar tree (balloon weights), Target dollar spot (pails) and coupons (Styrofoam balls at Joanns). The wands, crown and flowers I actually borrowed from my friend Candy who is throwing a princess party in a month. So she let me use them and then she will use my centerpieces in trade. Great way to save money.
Here is the finish product.
Final cost for 6 of them was under $20. The pails cost the most at $1 each.
Now I just have 5 more to put together.

Princess Party Gift bags

So I had to find a way to make a boy and girl bag form this party. Really wish I could have found more knight stuff (like pencil and stickers), but what I found I think they will enjoy.

The girls will get a princess pencil and eraser, heart chalk, bracelets and ring and pearl like necklace (these two last items will actually be set by a stand up mirror so they can play dress up).
The bag is a die cut from our local scrapbook store and I made the tag from a picture I found online. As well as the same as the boys bag.

With the boys bag I went with a darker purple. They received chalk, bubbles and they will each get 2 knight characters (either a dragon, knight, or horse).
Funny story with the knights characters, my sister and I hit 4 or 5 stores searching for something knight related and found a tube of them at Joann's. We were super excited about it after half an afternoon of looking. I found alot of this stuff clearance, at Dollar tree or used a coupon. For 24 bags it only cost me about $50. Which isn't bad, less than $2 a bag. You can't buy that at any party store online.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Princess Party Invites

Lots of crafting going on for the Princess Party.My sister, Kim, drew the picture for me. I then inserted the pic in Word and put a text box over the pic to enter all the wording. I then glittered the castle tops, flags and girls dress.AND theeeen... (remember from Dude where's my car)LOL. No really I then stapled a ribbon onto top so you can pull it out of the envelope.Now the envelopes are a whole nother story in themselves. My sister and I searched all over and couldn't find an envelope the size I needed. then she saw a long skinny one and had teh idea to cut it in half. It worked perfect.