Sunday, March 06, 2011

My kind of week

So this week is gonna be super busy, but it's totally my kind of week. I have a ton of stuff i want need to get done. Seems I feel so much more productive (and really do like) when I am kept busy. Don't get me wrong I do LOVE my lazy days too. LOL. BUT I do crash hard if I try to do to much in a small amount of time. I then have trouble getting back into the swing of things. Hence the no meal planning for like the last 3 months. It all just has to be proportioned out right.
I have several things coming up, Saturday is my House party so I really want to finish going through the house and getting stuff sorted, picked up and cleaned (maybe a little spring cleaning). And I still have lots I want to do for the Princess Birthday party in 2 weeks. So I need a good list of what needs to get done and what is going on so I don't get forgetful or lost.

Derek is helping friend building ramp
Grocery Shopping?
Dinner- Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

Make centerpieces w/ Jenefer & Tomisha
get white table cloth from mom's
Dinner- Salad w/ Chicken

Make pom poms For Princess party
Finish up Crown Banner for P. party
Dinner- Fiesta Barley Casserole, french Bread

Wyatt half day out 130
Clean bathroom (all)
Clean oven
Make gift bags for House Party
Dinner- Pulled Pork sandwiches, Sweet potato fries (crockpot)

Clean 2 houses (Belfair & Etta)
Life Group? Dinner?

Wyatt half day out 130
Shop for food for House Party
Clean MY house
Derek get Colton
Ladies Craft Night at church 6pm (relax) Bring snack
Dinner- Boys fend for selves, I will eat at Craft Night

MY Birthday (woo hoo)
Cook and set up for party (doing 4 dishes)
3pm Philly House Party
Dinner- No cooking for me :)

With all that there are some things that don't have a particular day, but need to get done.
-Grocery List
-Figure out 4 meals for House Party
-Pay IRS
-Appt. for oil Change
-clip dogs nails
-Grocery Shop
-Run to Micheals for gems (use coupon)
-Target-get necklaces on clearance rack for Wyatt's party (yes I know this is early,but they only had 3 left and I need two, got to get them while they are cheap and there)
-Party City for lanterns
-Find the glitter that I need to finish crowns for centerpieces
-Finish knight swords

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Danielle said...

busy week! i guess that means no ikea and container store for us :o(