Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coram Deo Kids Crafts Days

So I have this great friend Nette, when I met her she was a nanny to her nieces. She loves to craft with kids so every month she would host a craft day at her house and all the kids loved it. Nette always had a dream to host a BIG craft day for all the kids in the neighborhood, since her house can only hold so many. This was my dream to so we were a perfect match. I pushed encouraged and helped her to do it back in August last year at our church. See the girls were getting older and their mom wanted them to head to preschool. So Nette was gonna head back to school which meant no more craft days. So we now are doing less of them, but added 30 plus kids. LOL. Yes we are crazy. Our friend Tomisha also helped in this task.

First we pick a day and theme. August was a End of Summer/back to school one. We have also done a fall and Christmas . In February we hosted a Love one for Valentines day, but there are no pics for this one. It was actually one of are busiest. We had 40 kids and 35 adults.

At the end of April we are hosting a spring time one with lost of Easter and spring crafts. We have lots of great ideas already.

-We are going to get these pots (they are only .49, which is great since I have to buy 40 of them)from IKEA and have the kids plants flower seeds.

-Are church the next day will have church service and an egg hunt so we are gong to have the kids make baskets out of milk jugs.

-We will make butterflies with eggs cartons. that is a great easy one. The kids will you water colors to paint the wings instead of regular paint.

-We found this great project making an empty tomb with a paper plate.

-Last is this handprint cross. So the plan is set now it is time to start buying and prepping. I hope to see you there.


Kimi said...

i love the cross ans the empty tomb. wish i could bring my girls. keep it up.

Keshet said...

This is adorable! And looks like fun!

Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

This is so great that you all get together to do this! I am so inspired!!!