Saturday, March 05, 2011

Princess Party Gift bags

So I had to find a way to make a boy and girl bag form this party. Really wish I could have found more knight stuff (like pencil and stickers), but what I found I think they will enjoy.

The girls will get a princess pencil and eraser, heart chalk, bracelets and ring and pearl like necklace (these two last items will actually be set by a stand up mirror so they can play dress up).
The bag is a die cut from our local scrapbook store and I made the tag from a picture I found online. As well as the same as the boys bag.

With the boys bag I went with a darker purple. They received chalk, bubbles and they will each get 2 knight characters (either a dragon, knight, or horse).
Funny story with the knights characters, my sister and I hit 4 or 5 stores searching for something knight related and found a tube of them at Joann's. We were super excited about it after half an afternoon of looking. I found alot of this stuff clearance, at Dollar tree or used a coupon. For 24 bags it only cost me about $50. Which isn't bad, less than $2 a bag. You can't buy that at any party store online.

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Rebecca said...

You are so stinkin' talented & creative!! Can not wait to possibly come back to WA and feed off of your creativeness!!!! <3<3<3 miss ya!