Friday, January 30, 2009

Desk Organinzing

So I joined all the girls over at Org Junkie for her Monthly Organizing Round up, this month was filing cabinets. Well this got me inspired and I actually ended up doing all my desk drawers.

Before- top drawer
Before- Bottom drawerBefore- File DrawerThe mess that came out of the top drawer, didn't think I had this much stuff in there. AFTER- Top drawerAFTER- Bottom DrawerAFTER- File Drawer

Want to be inspired by more organizing head over to Organized Junkie .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun stuff

So I have been surfing the web and I usually don't find anything good, but I was over at Beans & Rice's blog (this is were I look for weekly Safeway good deals, she breaks it all down and it makes it so much easier to figure out what I need to buy)

She posted about Spring Cleaning for Normal People ,this can be read about over at Biblical Womanhood. This post was written by Mom of Little's which then lead me to head over and check out her blog. While I was over there I was a side picture of Money Saving Mom, which I think she also writes for, so I thought I would head over there and check it out.

Over at the Money Saving Mom they had a post today for some Freebies, that is always good to check out, right, who doesn't like freebies. They have a link to get a free Stock cookbook in the mail and a free downloadable weekly menu planner from over at Mom Advice.

All of these sites are really good and totally encouraging, I love when that happens. When you start surfing and end up places you have never been. And to top it off they are all really cool and you actually learn things from them.

Just thought I'd share!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Story time

This is a video of Wyatt and his stories. He is hard to understand, but he sure knows what HE is talking about. And if you notice he doesn't stop moving.

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POST 300

To celebrate my 300th post I thought I would put up some pics that Wyatt has made over the last couple of days.

He made this at school the other day. He brings stuff home all most everyday.
He drew this the other day while at the table with Derek and Rob (they were working so Wyatt wanted to too). It is a dinosaur.

Wyatt did some painting this morning and he said he painted this for me and it was ALLOCATIONS. So I asked him what that was and I got some 2 minute demonstration of it. Could I tell you what it is, um, no. This was Wyatt's first tree. I asked him to paint the pink flowers on the tree, he wasn't to sure about that. He did such a good job. He loves to paint. If you can't tell the blue is birds, the pink and purple blobs are flowers.

Love coupons and sales.

OK so yesterday I went and bought a few groceries at the store just to help get us through part of the week. Everything I bought was on sale, but I thought this was pretty cool.

3 boxes of Hamburger helper for $2.

How cool is that.

They were on sale for .99 each, then I had a coupon for $1 off when you buy 3.

*side note- this recipe was really yummy. Three cheese Chicken Penne

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Price Book

So my newest venture in trying to save money, a Price Book.

I have searched the web and found lots of sites with different ideas, but I just want something simple nothing to complicated. I just want to see what is cheaper to buy at the commissary, Target, Super Walmart, Costco or Safeway. Or if all in all they are even in the end. Heck or even what items are cheaper where.

Here are some sites that I found that have different download able ideas.

The Dollar Stretcher
Happy Hearts at Home
Organized Home
Uncommon Way to Wealth

First step was deciding that I just want to carry a little notebook with me so every time I go to the store, even if I am not shopping, I can write down items I buy most often such as toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, wipes, Gain, tuna fish, salad, cheese, yogurt, etc.

So next step is to figure out how to organize my book. After looking at all the sites I think the book I carry will be by item. Each page will have several items on them then spaces for each store I frequent. Now the scrapbooker in me will not just allow me to go and buy a small notebook it must be made with my handy Zutter machine.

*I decided to make a template for this book on Excel. Each page just consists of lines to write on and each store I regularly shop at (in abbreviation). I wrote on the side of most of the papers which item the page was for, see example below. I left some blank pages in the back for other items I might come across.

Next after I come home I will put them on a spreadsheet to compare more closely. My spreadsheet I decided will have the categories of

Item- Brand- Size- Price- Price per Unit- Store- Date-

So let's see how well this works. I will let you know you as I start using it. I really just want to get a feel for which store I want to shop at regularly so I don't have to store hop.

3 weeks and counting

So this is my 3rd week of no soda!! woohoo! I have even exercised a few times and am drinking lots of water. Yea for me. I feel so much better, just can't wait for it to warm up a little so we can get outside and play.

I get a newsletter from a realitor friend of mine and I really like a quote that was in it this time and thought I'd share it.

"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little. and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful"
This in a nutshell is how i am thinking right now. Even though we have no money coming in right now and can't pay bills at least Derek IS working, alot of his construction friends aren't (Derek pay will eventually come in). So I am at least thankful for that and know the money will be coming in eventually and we are all healthy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baking, Baby and Dixie

Wyatt loves to help me cook and bake. Of course he can't cut things up yet so when ever I have to mix he is there to help. He loves to read the directions and tries to tell me what we need to use. He loves to watch things bake in the oven, thank goodness our lamp in the oven works.

Dixie is getting pretty set in her routines, every night she lays down in the back of my legs and lays her head on my knees.When Dixie gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom she nugg's my foot. She has been doing this for about a month. It is pretty amazing and glad that she learned this, not sure where she did, she jsut started doing it one day. Guess she really had to go one night and i wasn't getting up.
A few more of Abby from yesterday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am watching my neice Abby and I had to take a few pics of her in her outfit. I made my sister buy it. It is so cute with the rainbows and smiley faces, oh and i love the ruffles on the butt.

Get up happy!!

I just love this sign I found in Jennifer McGuire's scraproom. Just makes me giggle.
I am totally one of those people who needs the sun to wake me up and get me in a good mood, otherwise I have such a problem waking up. I hate how dark it is in Fall and Winter, come 8am I still would like to be in bed sleeping.
So I was reading AOL articles yesterday and came upon this one, Wake up Call by Michelle Bender it really had some great ideas to perk you up in the morning. Here is a summary of it.

-Wake up looking bright colors, like a pillow, piece of art or blanket in red, orange, yellow or fuchsia. I guess it gets your adrenaline going.

-Wake up looking at a bouquet of flowers. Some study said it gave woman a mood boost all day. (works for me I love flowers, have to buy them for myself though)

-Don't hit the snooze button.

-Another energizing thing they say to do is close your eyes and picture a great day ahead.

-Now this one is my favorite and I did it today and i think it really helps. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It replenishes the water you lots over night in your body.

-Give yourself a face rub, massaging your face increases circulation.

-Let the sunshine in, that could be hard here in WA in Fall and Winter.

-And a good one have a romp in the Hay. Yup sex!! Physical activity gets rid of grogginess.

So there you go I hope this article helps you as much as it did me. Day 1 off to a good start.
OH and yesterday I exercised for the first time, yup 20 days after I wanted to start, but I guess it is a start.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Filing Cabinet clean up

So Laura over at OrjJunkie this month for her Organizing Monthly Round-up #2 is doing filing cabinets. This totally inspired me to clean mine out and reorganize it.

I redid the labels that were hand written and reorganized by color into like items. Example-files for family are in purple, bills in green, etc.

Next when we have some extra money I will go further on my desk and do the two top drawers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I love a clean house

I love monday mornings sometimes. This is when I do my main house cleaning. It feels so good to walk around the house and it be so clean.

It feels so good to have the rest of the week to just spot clean or do some organizing.

I have so far done-

vacuumed the couch and chair of dog hair
finally cleaned off scrap table

I still need to-

finish laundry
wash bedding
cascade's paperwork

Stop by the Crafty Crow and say Hi, she is having several giveways today.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu and Coupons

~ Crock Pot Chili Pork Chops, Sweet potato fries

~Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta Bake, Salad

~Smothered Oriental Steak, brown rice, salad

~Fish, salad, beans & Rice (recipe below)



I have really been trying to use coupons for things i need, but haven't been finding to many which kind of sucks. I do have these two and thought I would share them. I love Crystal light and that is what I have been drinking instead of soda (2 weeks this week) YEA!

Yoplait Coupon
Crystal Light coupon
Juicy Juice


I got this recipe from my sister and I thought I would try it out.
1 pkg. Mahatma Saffron Rice (cooked)
1 can black beans, drained
3 green onions
shredded cheddar cheese

Layer in a baking dish (in order posted above)
Bake @ 350 fro about 10-15 min. till cheese is melted and warmed through.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentine's Day ideas

I am so excited that Wyatt is in school this year so I can make little gifts for him to take to school. Very excited!

So I have several ideas I was thinking about.

Sweet Shovel (my favorite)
Candy Necklace

Martha Stewart has some really cute ideas on her site as well.
So what do you think? Have you seen any cite ideas I would love to see them.

Look Mom...

"I growed bigger" This is what what says to us everytime he wakes up or eats, he is so funny.

But it got me thinking Dixie has gotten bigger, alot bigger and I wanted something to compare this so I took a picture of Wyatt and her today. Well I looked up the picture from 3 months ago from the day we brought her home and man she really has gotten bigger in those months we've had her.

01.15.08 Funny thing I noticed he is wearing the same shirt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So much to do...

So my sister Dani and I were talking and realized that we haven't been home for like 2 days. Now I am not talking full days, but we did alot of running around for these two days so not much has gotten done around the house. So I am posting my TO DO list to help, well hopefully help get some stuff done here tomorrow.

~Laundry- darks, whites
~Fold and put away laundry
~Make Wyatt's bed
~Clean up train town in Wyatt's room
~build new train town
~Vacuum carpets, house
~Swiffer floors
~Clean up Laundry room
~Dinner- Catfish, noodles, veggie
~Boil eggs
~Brush Dixie
~Cascade paperwork
~Finish up Ester's files
~Clean up scrap table (this is an ongoing thing)
~Clean bathroom-sink, toilet, floors
~heck just straighten up the house


Man I am getting scared typing all these out, Yeek! I am going to be busy. i really wanted to go to Ester's today, but might not be able to after reading all this.

The Sugar Detox Challenge

So I thought I would try something new, cutting out alot of my sugar.

As most of you know in November I quit drinking caffinee soda. Which is going really good so far by the way. I still have a soda everyonce in awhile, but I was getting headaches still which is the reason I got off cafinee in the first place. So I found this blog post over at Naturally Knocked Up. So I thought 'what the heck why not give it a try'

We don't have much food in the house right now due to cash flow, but I went through the house looking for HFCS to follow her first challenge.

The Week One Challenge: Purge the High Fructose Corn Syrup!

All I found was bread and ketchup. For the ketchup I will be buying something for me to use, something organic I figure just hope it tastes as good. When I shop today I will be very cafefull to check all my labels before I buy.

I also have not had a soda since I read her post and I feel so much better already-NO HEADACHES. Such a good feeling.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Photos

Not to much going on right now just thought I'd post some random photos I have taken lately.
Pic of Wyatt and his friend Connor from school.
Wyatt in his new Thomas hooded towel.
This is a heart stopping burger my DH made me make him after he saw it on the show 'Diner, Drive-ins and Dives from the Food network. This things consists of
~2 grilled cheese sandwiches instead of the bun
~1/2 lb patty
~3 fried eggs w/ cheese
~6 Pieces of Bacon

Thursday, January 08, 2009

When it rains it pours...

So this is how my living room looked last night when we went to bed. It all started off when i was rinsing dinner dishes, all of a sudden I could hear water pouring out from under the sink. The U pipe connection had come lose. So Derek was under there trying to tighten it to get us through till he could get home today and fix it. I guess the seal is worn down and he needs to get a new one. So while he is under there dealing with that I hear a load drip drip drip. Now it has been raining non stop all day so I go follow the sound and you guessed it there is a drip coming from the ceiling. (insert GRR! here) Seriously when it rains it pours.
Derek said he would have to deal with it today because it was to dark out to do anything. Not to my liking I agreed, weeeell then I heard it again. Went out to check and the spot had gotten bigger and was dripping on the back of the couch. (insert another Grrr here) So now it is like 9:30 and Derek is already asleep in bed. I had to wake him up and let him know what was going on. He got dressed and crawled up in the small cramped attic to see how bad it was. He doesn't think it is as bad as he thought have to find out today.
The few people who actually read this might remember just a week ago we had to dig the yard up and replace a 2-3 ft section of pipe that a tree root had taken over. All I have to say is these things could be worse I guess, thank the lord they aren't.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

another day and another list..

Well I was going to help Ester out today (moved to friday), but now I am sitting here waiting for the Oil guy to come fill my tank. I hate waiting at least I have a list of stuff I can do to keep me busy.

-sweep floor
-Vaccum floors
-Mop laundry room
-clean off scrap table
-Mail out Baby can read stuff
-Switch DVR to new box and mail out.
-Finish up Ester's mail
-hang up coats

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a Regular Day

So lots to get done today (ok maybe it just feels like it) and lots I want to do and get done in the next week or so.
-sweep floors
-vacuum rooms
-load of dark clothes
-Wyatt to school
-Direct TV guy here
-Dinner (Chicken Tetrazzini)

-Menu plan for the next week or so
-Grocery List
-Safeway and Walmart shopping
-Get oil for Tank
-Pay bills
-Aimlessly walk around Target and dream
-Get WIC
-Mail package to Teetah (Cmas present)
-Finish 25 days Cmas mini album
-Wed. help Ester out ?
-Friday WIC appt. 8:15
-I also need to start finding random vintage letters to put up on my wall for my Word of the year (MOVE)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A few layouts.

A couple of us went to the Scrapbook Zone's 12-12 crop yesterday and here is what I got done. Yes only this many, but lots of talking and eating too. Patterend Paper- DCWV new line Green
reminisce, making memories stickers, Jenni Bowlin bingo card
Patterned paper- Pink paislee, DCWV (Green pack)This one I did using the new line by October Afternoon-Night Light (love this line)
Lots of thickers, random ribbon.I loved Vivian Masket's title in this months scrapbook etc. It fit just perfect.

Friday, January 02, 2009

One Littel Word 2009

My new word for 2009 is......


1. To change in position from one point to another
2. To progress in sequence; go forward
3. To follow a specified course
4. To progress toward a particular state or condition
5. an action toward an objective or goal

Ali Edwards says 'The idea behind the one little word concept is to give yourself something to focus on throughout the year.'

I choose this word to help me keep moving through the day with my housework, to get my body moving(exercising), move (play) with Wyatt more, Craft more. Keep us moving towards our goals as a family to reduce debt and save more.

I hope I can keep this up a little better than last year.