Sunday, January 25, 2009

POST 300

To celebrate my 300th post I thought I would put up some pics that Wyatt has made over the last couple of days.

He made this at school the other day. He brings stuff home all most everyday.
He drew this the other day while at the table with Derek and Rob (they were working so Wyatt wanted to too). It is a dinosaur.

Wyatt did some painting this morning and he said he painted this for me and it was ALLOCATIONS. So I asked him what that was and I got some 2 minute demonstration of it. Could I tell you what it is, um, no. This was Wyatt's first tree. I asked him to paint the pink flowers on the tree, he wasn't to sure about that. He did such a good job. He loves to paint. If you can't tell the blue is birds, the pink and purple blobs are flowers.


Kimi said...

He's really good. Maybe him and Zacky can scrapbook together. =) I think it's great that they're so artistic.

Carrie said...

He is such a great artist. I loved that artist page u did of him. I made one too!