Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a Regular Day

So lots to get done today (ok maybe it just feels like it) and lots I want to do and get done in the next week or so.
-sweep floors
-vacuum rooms
-load of dark clothes
-Wyatt to school
-Direct TV guy here
-Dinner (Chicken Tetrazzini)

-Menu plan for the next week or so
-Grocery List
-Safeway and Walmart shopping
-Get oil for Tank
-Pay bills
-Aimlessly walk around Target and dream
-Get WIC
-Mail package to Teetah (Cmas present)
-Finish 25 days Cmas mini album
-Wed. help Ester out ?
-Friday WIC appt. 8:15
-I also need to start finding random vintage letters to put up on my wall for my Word of the year (MOVE)

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