Saturday, January 24, 2009

Price Book

So my newest venture in trying to save money, a Price Book.

I have searched the web and found lots of sites with different ideas, but I just want something simple nothing to complicated. I just want to see what is cheaper to buy at the commissary, Target, Super Walmart, Costco or Safeway. Or if all in all they are even in the end. Heck or even what items are cheaper where.

Here are some sites that I found that have different download able ideas.

The Dollar Stretcher
Happy Hearts at Home
Organized Home
Uncommon Way to Wealth

First step was deciding that I just want to carry a little notebook with me so every time I go to the store, even if I am not shopping, I can write down items I buy most often such as toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, wipes, Gain, tuna fish, salad, cheese, yogurt, etc.

So next step is to figure out how to organize my book. After looking at all the sites I think the book I carry will be by item. Each page will have several items on them then spaces for each store I frequent. Now the scrapbooker in me will not just allow me to go and buy a small notebook it must be made with my handy Zutter machine.

*I decided to make a template for this book on Excel. Each page just consists of lines to write on and each store I regularly shop at (in abbreviation). I wrote on the side of most of the papers which item the page was for, see example below. I left some blank pages in the back for other items I might come across.

Next after I come home I will put them on a spreadsheet to compare more closely. My spreadsheet I decided will have the categories of

Item- Brand- Size- Price- Price per Unit- Store- Date-

So let's see how well this works. I will let you know you as I start using it. I really just want to get a feel for which store I want to shop at regularly so I don't have to store hop.


Beth said...

Just watch it when you write prices down at WalMart. I was doing that once and they didn't like it. Be sly about it.

I'm always checking price per item when I shop. Mostly between brands and sizes, as store choice is pretty limited around here.

It's nice that you have so many stores close by to choose from. If I lived up there by you guys, I would join in your Price Book adventure.

Kimi said...

omg...i love that little owl holding the book. how cute. let me know how it's all going.