Monday, October 26, 2009

A few Random

Here are Wyatt's soccer pics. And cause some of you can't see this on your cellphones I will share on here. Jason sent me these yesterday of Zach and Ryan. My crazy kids. Takes new meaning to Jason being called Pumpkin Head, guess his boys take after him. (You know what I mean girls, LOL)
Ryan is above and Zach below. So happy I have them for Halloween this year. Lots planned.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick Kiddo

This is what our counter looks like right now. Colton came over with a cough, Derek was sick earlier last week and now Wyatt with the flu. I am just trying to hold on and not get any of it.
Wyatt came home from school friday not feeling well. poor little guy. I called the docs office just to comfirm and he did have the flu. The nice thing was though he did not have it as bad as she said it was going to get, YEA! He had a flu shot in May so I am wondering if that is why. Yesterday he slept most of the day and had 5 Ritz crackers. Today he has eaten several sandwiches and an apple, his fever is gone and he looks so much better. Can't decide if he will go to school tomorrow though. He has school pics and I would hate for him to miss it.
This is what my side table looks like right now. Wyatt has taken over.
We have read lots of books and played some games all on the comfort of my bed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pheasant Fields Farm

So yesterday Wyatt's class got to go to a local farm, Pheasant Fields Farm, on a fieldtrip. They got to see the animals, their gardens, the duck pond, chickens, got throught the corn maze and pick a pumpkin.

Here is Connor and Wyatt.The kids listening to the story of the farm. Here are the boys going through the corn maze.Wyatt picking his super BIG pumpkin.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walgreens sunday shopping $3.23 OOP

Transaction 1
3 Children's Triaminic (2 strips, 1 liquid) @ 4.99 each
1 Zantac @ 8.99
1 Tumbler @ .29
Used (1)5.00 cpn for Zantac
Used (3)1.50 cpn for Triaminic
Used 2.00 off cpn from Walgreens booklet (will take 6.00 off $2 for each box)
Used 7.00 RR from last week
Total OOP- $1.75
Transaction 2
1 Emercen C @ 3.50
2 Starbucks Mochas @ 1.29 each w/ in store ad
1 Zantac @ 8.99
Used (1) 5.00 cpn for Zantac
Used (2) 1.00 off Starbucks coupon
Used $8RR from transaction 1 Triaminic
Total OOP- .31
Transaction 3
1 Skintimate shave Gel @ 1.99 w/ in store ad
1 Edge shave gel @ 1.99 w/ in store ad
1 tumbler @ .29
1 Emergen C & 1 Ester C (BOGO) 12.99
Used 1.00 off cpn for Skintimate
Used 5.00 off Ester C cpn (RP 10/4)
Used $9 RR from Zantac
Used $1 RR from Tirdent Gum
Total OOP- $1.17
Total- $3.23, and I have a $9 RR , $3.50 RR to spend later
These do not include taxes (those always get you in the end, LOL)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I miss you I really do

I have not used you in so long.
Beginning of July I think.
Soon Soon I promise.

Christmas is closing in fast

Christmas Countdown - Christmas Layouts

Yes, I am already thinking about it.

~Am I going to make my cards this year or do picture ones again, I do have 25 free ones using my pampers points?
~Who to send cards out to, need to make a list?
~What teacher gifts am I going to do, homemade goodies?
~What gifts for the out of in-laws, I usually make mini albums, do I do this again this year?
~Who do we buy(have the money) for this year?
~What to get the older boys?
~What to get Wyatt, what do you buy the kid who has everything, he is big into legos right now.
~Santa Train tickets are bought.

What are your plans??? Share some of your thougths or ideas.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Lego Land

So Wyatt's newest thing has been legos. He has been playing with them for awhile now but he can now actually build things. So yesterday Derek and Wyatt dumped them all out and built this helicopter. Here are a few things Wyatt built himself. Now heis still into all the other stuff too, adventure stuff, trains, Cars, trucks and boats he just seems to play with one set at a time so it makes it hard to try to get rid of his toys cause he really does play with them all, but we are running out of room,LOL.
Everything has been good here, Derek has had the last few days off so Wyatt has been keeping him busy.
I have been spending alot of time in the car driving Wyatt to preschool and soccer. It has also been nice Derek worked a few weeks during the day so I was able to do my chores normally. It was hard doing them later in the day (you know when you have your routine down) when he was working nights and sleeping during the day. Hard to keep a house this small quie till 1pm. But we made it work and will again when he starts up on the job again next week.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

$2.89 at Walgreen's today

Transaction 1
4 Nabisco 5.25 oz packages @ $1.00 each
2 Visine @3.99 each
4 Campbell's tomato soup @ 2/$1 with in-ad store coupon
8 Halloween pencils @ $1/8 with in-ad store
used (2) Campbell's $1/2
$2/1 Visine Walgreens in-ad coupon(will automatically deduct $4)
used (2) Nabisco cookies $1/2 from coupon booklet
used $4 in RR
Total $1.30 OOP (out of pocket)
Transaction 2
3 Glade 4 oz Candles @ $3.99 each
8 Halloween pencils @ $1/8 with in-ad store coupon
used $2 RR from Purell
Total $1.59 OOP

Monday, October 05, 2009

I spent $3.32 on all this

Transaction #1

1Purell Hand Sanitizer, 8oz. @ $2.99 each
2 Trident Xtra Care or Layers Gum @ 2/$2.00
2 Sally Hansen nail polishes @ 2.89 each
1 ChapStick Fresh Effects @$2.99 (monthly deal)

use (2) .75/1 coupon for Gum
Use $7.00 in RR from last week
Use $5 RR from Salley Hansen

Total out of pocket- $1.27

RRs Earned= $1.00, $3.00, $2.00

Transaction #2
1 ChapStick Fresh Effects @$2.99 (monthly deal)
2 Reese Fast breaks
used $4 RR from last week
Total out of pocket- $0.84
RRs Earned= $3.00

Transaction #3
Buy 1 Purell Hand Sanitizer, 8oz. @ $2.99
1 stravel size hand sanitizer for purse @ $0.99
1 Reese Fast Break
used $4 RR
Total out of pocket- $1.21
RRs Earned= $2.00
Grand Total OOP (out of pocket)= $3.32
Total Value= $23.21 with $19 in Register Rewards remaining!
some of the RR are from last week also I started with $22

Menu Plan Monday

Due to vacation and Derek working a night job I haven't made a menu out in awhile. He is now working days again and not sure when the nights will start back up so I thought I'd make a menu out just to be on the safe side. At least I will have some food in the house to make dinners when needed.

Brushetta Bake

London Broil, Mascarpone potatoes and salad

Lasagna, w/french bread

Saturday Game

This last Saturday Wyatt's team played another Tracyton team so they were all wearing orange Tshirts so to mix them up our team wore our jackets so the kids would know who to kick it to. That was nice for the kids cause it was super cold out there. I'm sure you can tell,but Wyatt is the one in the red and blue jacket.

Wyatt got the ball whcich was super great, but then the littel boy next to him took it from him (ya he was on his team so that sucked)