Friday, October 09, 2009

Lego Land

So Wyatt's newest thing has been legos. He has been playing with them for awhile now but he can now actually build things. So yesterday Derek and Wyatt dumped them all out and built this helicopter. Here are a few things Wyatt built himself. Now heis still into all the other stuff too, adventure stuff, trains, Cars, trucks and boats he just seems to play with one set at a time so it makes it hard to try to get rid of his toys cause he really does play with them all, but we are running out of room,LOL.
Everything has been good here, Derek has had the last few days off so Wyatt has been keeping him busy.
I have been spending alot of time in the car driving Wyatt to preschool and soccer. It has also been nice Derek worked a few weeks during the day so I was able to do my chores normally. It was hard doing them later in the day (you know when you have your routine down) when he was working nights and sleeping during the day. Hard to keep a house this small quie till 1pm. But we made it work and will again when he starts up on the job again next week.

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Danielle said...

ohh...time to get a bigger house!!

and I made the helicopter first ;oP...i worked hard on that