Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas is closing in fast

Christmas Countdown - Christmas Layouts

Yes, I am already thinking about it.

~Am I going to make my cards this year or do picture ones again, I do have 25 free ones using my pampers points?
~Who to send cards out to, need to make a list?
~What teacher gifts am I going to do, homemade goodies?
~What gifts for the out of in-laws, I usually make mini albums, do I do this again this year?
~Who do we buy(have the money) for this year?
~What to get the older boys?
~What to get Wyatt, what do you buy the kid who has everything, he is big into legos right now.
~Santa Train tickets are bought.

What are your plans??? Share some of your thougths or ideas.


Kimi said...

i have no clue what we're doing. i did decide that rye is only getting crafty stuff. no toys! we'll be in erie this year for it, so do i even decorate my house?

Rebecca said...

i have envelopes addressed for christmas letters already...never mind that they were printed last november. ;)

Because I Can! said...

I want a card not matter how you make it, you can make it out of contruction paper & glitter for all I care LOL Merry (almost) Christmas & cheers to getting ready for it all :o)