Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thicker organization

My poor Thickers are crammed into this one little container. I had to save them. :)I also had a bunch of them sitting on top of the others because there was just no room.I went to Target and bought these nice plastic containers. Sorted by color.And slapped on some labels.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas eve. With some old and new traditions.

(NEW) We started out by going to the casino buffet for dinner, had some prime rib and dessert. I think we will add this every year. It was allot of fun.
*and Wyatt is making the face cause he was trying to hide the pizza in his mouth, LOL.

(OLD) We drive and do this every year earlier in the month, but never got around to it until this day. I really liked it though, nice thing to do right after dinner.
(OLD) Christmas Ever service at church.

(NEW/OLD) We always read a book, but we did the recorded ones that Grandma Marylee made for us. Which was nice cause I got to drink my hot chocolate instead of reading.

All in all it was a great day.

Boys Christmas

We had Colton, Ryan and Zach for the first week of winter break. They were going home the morning of Christmas Eve so we let them do there Christmas on Tuesday. Colton of course didn't want his picture taken, darn kid.Ryan and Zach were pretty excited we got them (used) IPod Touches.Colton got a ton of new tools.I love this pic of them. With their Christmas money they got from us and Grandma Marylee they all got Air Soft guns. They had so much fun, 3 days of being out side shooting each other. LOL
It was a great, loud, crazy week and I miss them all ready.

Coram Deo Kids Choir

This year our church's first kids choir. Wyatt wasn't to sure about singing and being in front of everyone. He did stand up there, but no singing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WYA graduation

Class off 2011-2Our group. Colton's dad Charles, his littel sister, Nana and Papa, Wyatt, Zach, Ryan, Jeff Woods *(colton's mentor) Derek and me.The Governor of our Stae, Gregoire, was there to. I guess she is a huge supporter of this program and she has been at every graduation they have had since they opened. Pretty cool!It was hard to get a pic cause the kids move so fast. This is one od Colton's Cadre, but the funny thing is he is also one of Derek's friends who we haven't seen in several years. So Colton being at the Academy got them back together.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puckit's adventure to San Diego

Dec.7- This is how Wyatt found Puckit on Wednesday, kind of a clue that he would be taking an adventure that day. he was pretty excited when I should up at his school and picked him up early. Dec.8- Wyatt was so amazed that Puckit found us down in Sand Diego. Here he is watching tv with his cousin's dolls.

Dec.9- We found Puckit eating his breakfast right out of the box.Dec.10- The kids found him eating jello in the fridge. It was kind of cool, the cousin's. are old enough to know that the Elf isn't real, but they played along great for Wyatt's sake.Dec.12- We found Puckit trying to help us unpack. Such a great Elf since I wasn't feeling to good.

Dec.13- No Puckit pic today. Took a day off he was just hanging out on the shelf.

December Daily

Dec.11- We head home today. And it was not a fun trip at all. we got there in plenty of time, but they wouldn't let me take my carry on onto the plane and they just argued and said they didn't care I carried it on before, blah blah.
Then I just could shake the yucky feeling in the my tummy and had it the whole plane ride. Also they had problems with the air conditioner and had to wait for the mechanics to look at it, that put us an hour and twenty minutes late.
As we landed I finally threw up and felt really faint and light headed so they had me take a wheel chair to the shuttle (which was taking us to the car)Dec.10- Poor Wyatt spent the day sick and throwing up. He wasn't to happy to spend his last day like this. Dec. 9- We took Wyatt to the Lego Store. I wanted to do Lego Land, but man that place is expensive. He had a great time picking things out. Dec. 8- Our first morning in San Diego and we woke up to SUN. So nice to see in the middle of winter.

Had to add this pic of grace to cause she is a cute sleeper.Dec. 7- Today I surprised Wyatt with a trip to San Diego. It wasn't until he heard the pilot say about ten times the word Sand Diego that he figured it out. He still wasn't sure why we were there till he saw Aunt Dani waiting for us at the gate.Dec 6.- Today I climbed the tree and up up our lights outside.

Friday, December 09, 2011

My Christmas Mantel

My mantelMy tac tree I made. took almost 900 of them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Puckit the Elf

Dec. 5 Wyatt found Puckit waiting by his glue and cotton balls today. Wyatt brought home a cute santa count down.Sorry about the bad pics, but my camera just doesn't work to well in this house.Dec. 6- Today Puckit was found trying to pack a lunch for Wyatt for his field trip. Wyatt was not to excited about this trip so I was hoping that finding this in the morning might help. He was worried about being gone for so long. He doesn't get home till 545p. They are headed off the Seattle for the day.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

DD and a little Elf

Puckit the Elf got caught riding Wyatt's train out of his room. Last night he got into the cookies and ate them all. Yup that is my story and I am sticking to it.

December Daily Day 3-

Finally got my garland I purchased and got the mantel al done. Still need to do a few things, but for now it is fine.