Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Puckit the Elf

Dec. 5 Wyatt found Puckit waiting by his glue and cotton balls today. Wyatt brought home a cute santa count down.Sorry about the bad pics, but my camera just doesn't work to well in this house.Dec. 6- Today Puckit was found trying to pack a lunch for Wyatt for his field trip. Wyatt was not to excited about this trip so I was hoping that finding this in the morning might help. He was worried about being gone for so long. He doesn't get home till 545p. They are headed off the Seattle for the day.


Danielle said...

omg that lunch thing was funny, what did he say about that?

Heather said...

He said 'Silly Puckit. He needs to practice his P' (he wrote them backwards)