Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Daily

Dec.11- We head home today. And it was not a fun trip at all. we got there in plenty of time, but they wouldn't let me take my carry on onto the plane and they just argued and said they didn't care I carried it on before, blah blah.
Then I just could shake the yucky feeling in the my tummy and had it the whole plane ride. Also they had problems with the air conditioner and had to wait for the mechanics to look at it, that put us an hour and twenty minutes late.
As we landed I finally threw up and felt really faint and light headed so they had me take a wheel chair to the shuttle (which was taking us to the car)Dec.10- Poor Wyatt spent the day sick and throwing up. He wasn't to happy to spend his last day like this. Dec. 9- We took Wyatt to the Lego Store. I wanted to do Lego Land, but man that place is expensive. He had a great time picking things out. Dec. 8- Our first morning in San Diego and we woke up to SUN. So nice to see in the middle of winter.

Had to add this pic of grace to cause she is a cute sleeper.Dec. 7- Today I surprised Wyatt with a trip to San Diego. It wasn't until he heard the pilot say about ten times the word Sand Diego that he figured it out. He still wasn't sure why we were there till he saw Aunt Dani waiting for us at the gate.Dec 6.- Today I climbed the tree and up up our lights outside.

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