Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WYA graduation

Class off 2011-2Our group. Colton's dad Charles, his littel sister, Nana and Papa, Wyatt, Zach, Ryan, Jeff Woods *(colton's mentor) Derek and me.The Governor of our Stae, Gregoire, was there to. I guess she is a huge supporter of this program and she has been at every graduation they have had since they opened. Pretty cool!It was hard to get a pic cause the kids move so fast. This is one od Colton's Cadre, but the funny thing is he is also one of Derek's friends who we haven't seen in several years. So Colton being at the Academy got them back together.

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Erin (nickname: Erna) said...

What a joyful and festive occasion! Congratulations to Colton!