Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puckit's adventure to San Diego

Dec.7- This is how Wyatt found Puckit on Wednesday, kind of a clue that he would be taking an adventure that day. he was pretty excited when I should up at his school and picked him up early. Dec.8- Wyatt was so amazed that Puckit found us down in Sand Diego. Here he is watching tv with his cousin's dolls.

Dec.9- We found Puckit eating his breakfast right out of the box.Dec.10- The kids found him eating jello in the fridge. It was kind of cool, the cousin's. are old enough to know that the Elf isn't real, but they played along great for Wyatt's sake.Dec.12- We found Puckit trying to help us unpack. Such a great Elf since I wasn't feeling to good.

Dec.13- No Puckit pic today. Took a day off he was just hanging out on the shelf.

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