Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carnival Party Planning

I have started working on party stuff today, just getting some small things done that can be done this far in advance.

Here is the center pieces I made for the tables. The pin wheels are from the Dollar Tree, they were 3 in a package. I used my buckets form my scrapbooking table (so free) and I got a couple bags of peanuts from the dollar store also. I poked the pinwheels into Styrofoam circles, I used a 40% off coupon at joanns, I got 2 for 2.70.
Total for each one- $2.85 (the Styrofoam killed me, need to find something cheaper next time) Here are the goodie boxes I made, I got the circus stickers, boxes and suckers from Oriental trading company. The other toys our form Party City and I had a spend $30 get $10 off coupons. So I bought several things at 2.99 each before coupon. I then used my shredder and shredded 5 colors of scrapbooking paper I bought on sale at Joanns (4 for $1). I have notices that most of the stuff I was buying comes out in 12s so we are just lucky we know enough kids to make up the 12.
Each box ran around $2 each. I have 12 boxes.
Lots more still to do- Put red stripes on 2 white table clothes, food shopping and set up the paper Ferris wheel I got from Hobby Lobby. And I haven't even started thinking about a games, eeekkk!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Seriously, not today please...

So I have been feeling off . And was trying everything not to get sick. Well I went and did it. Woke up this morning feeling like my throat was swollen. So I went into the doctors cause I really don't can't be sick this week, not with everything I need to get done and do for Wyatt's Birthday party on Sat.

I have an ear infection which is what is making my throat hurt. I will say at least it isn't strep which is what I was afraid it was. I got some antibiotics and she also told me to lay down and rest today and take it easy. Even with all I still need to do I am going to take her advice cause just running to the docs and then Wyatt to school (with a quick drive thru into McDs) I am really exhausted.

I have a few layouts I need to post, but just don't have the energy right. I will do it tomorrow. Time to go take a quick nap before I need to get Wyatt from preschool.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a week it's going to be

So right now I have so much going on that I need to get it down on paper computer before I feel like my brain is going to explode or I forget something. I realized that starting today until Wyatt's party next Saturday (1st) I have something going on all most everyday.

Friday (today)- 930a pick Colton up, Wyatt's school, Scrapbooking 4-12
Saturday- 1pm Derek and Wyatt go to Super cross for the day and I am working on Birthday party stuff
Sunday- Church, then usually dinner with friends
Monday- school
Tuesday- Ladies night
Wednesday- school, 530pm our Life Group is volunteering with the Bremerton Rescue at our church to feed the homeless
Thursday- 945-noon Kid's Craft Day
Friday- school
Saturday- 4-? Party/ BBQ 40 or so guests

-We would like to buy a few things to bring and donate to the Bremerton Rescue (the people need sleeping bags, tents, coolers, etc.) and I also need to bring a dessert for the meal. So that is shopping and cooking I need to do.

-Wed, Thurs, and Friday I have 3 packages coming with stuff for Wyatt's party.

-Now none of this even includes what I need to get ready and set up for the party- make list of what is left to buy, buy food and decorations, get games, prizes, balloons and tables from Candy, make signs, put together goodie bags, decorate Saturday(lots of that to do). Pray for no rain on Saturday. Still need to get his present, think we are getting him a bike with training wheels.

-Or all the house cleaning that will have to be done before the party. Which is the usual weekly chores plus a few extra things I would like to get done also before the party.

I am really thinking I need to make ONE master list (might be a whole notebook) of everything and keep on me at all times so as i get stuff or do something it can be crossed off.

I just ask that you all keep me and my family in your prayers as we make it through this week. Also any advice or words of encouragement would be nice too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carnival Inspiration

Here is some stuff that has inpired me, I have ordered or want to do for Wyatt's Carnival party.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, Day 3

Wyatt's friend Connor is coming over on Thursday and he is allergic to dogs so i vacuumed the house really good today to get all hair I could up.

All I can say I HATE MOONSAND!!

While Wyatt was in school today I ran a few errands, Walgreen's, Costco and Safeway. Stopped by and talked to Sharie at the coffee stand too.
Dixie is so funny she loves to lay next to you. Sometime she will follow you around and whimper at you till you finally sit down. When I am laying on my bed she loves to lay next to me and she always puts her head on my laptop when I am trying to type. she is silly.

Wednesday night Sharie and Dave come over and watch Ultimate fighter. We have started taking turns doing the main meal. Has been nice to have a night off and not have so many dishes to do. All I had to make last night was brownies. They were yummy, cream cheese ones.

Dinner! Ok another funny story Wyatt's fish loves to eat I think. Every time I lift the lid it comes up to the surface and just waits for me to drop food in there. When I do put the food in there it eats like it hasn't in days. Just funny to watch.
the book I read to Wyatt last night.

Tuesday Day 2

I won't be putting everything on here I seem to find myself not wanting to post on my blog as much as I hoped so I figure if I can at least get the pics up here and maybe a few highlights form the day it works for me right now.
Tuesday we stayed home and I found myself not taking pics as much as I liked.
Morning facebook while wyatt eats. Dixie likes to sit and stare at Wyatt while he eats his breakfast.

I love teh way the apple tree looks right now, I walk by my window often jsut so I can look at it.

Wyatt decided to have lunch on the top bunk.
Dixie finally took the ducks head off, I think this is the longest one she has had in tack dinner was Chili Sour Cream bake.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1- Monday

Derek gets up and leaves about 5am. I get up about 730 and Wyatt 8am.
I make my To Dos for the day. (only got about half done, but will just work on it tomorrow)Realized that I had to get invites done today to hand out to kids at Wyatt's school. Wyatt watching his morning shows while eating his snacks and Dixie waiting to get some left overs. Worked on the invites while also trying to do dishes, bills and laundry.
We then stopped at my mom's house and I did some sewing on the invites. Then off to the bank and to get gas.

Then off to drop Wyatt off at preschool. While Wyatt was in class I ran a few errands; Micheal's, Joann's, Scrapbook store and Walmart. I then ran home to feed Dixie with food I got from Walmart (poor dog was out of food). Then off to Albertsons for groceries.
Oh had to stop by McDonald's and get a sweet to on my way to pick Wyatt up.

Wyatt and the kids playing in the mud at school.

I even bought a reusable bag today for earth day.We then went home and had a smoothie for a snack. We are loving these right now.

After snack I caught up on some couponing. Derek got home about 6p and I started dinner. Wyatt had a major meltdown because he didn't want to pick up his Lego's he dumped all over the living room floor. For dinner we had Steak sandwiches and yam fries.830- Derek and Wyatt go to sleep and I am playing on the computer and watching TV.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't forget

A week in your life 2010 starts tomorrow. You can find details or just check out new ideas on Ali's blog.
I can't wait to do this again this year. Last time it never made it to an album, but it did get posted on my blog which is cool to look back at. Wyatt looks so little. Here are my posts-

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A few layouts I did

This one I used a Studio Calico sketch. I used a bunched up, folded yellow ribbon and sewed it to be the sun.

This one also was a Studio calico sketch. It was a one page layout, but I did it on the second page also, just flipped. And I hand sewed the flags on.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not from the lack of trying

Ok well actually it is.

I have all the best intentions and start the day off right, but then I get that craving for something sweet. And I have not been able to walk away from that craving. When I started trying to lose weight last Sept. I did really good till Thanksgiving and it has been off and on since then. I convince myself that it is ok to eat that, I will just start again tomorrow. But I am doing this everyday.

Several months ago I started going to the gym with Derek. I would go several times a week to switch it up a little and for some reason I missed one day. One day lead to two, then to a week and so on. It is just a pain in my opinion. I tried doing P90X, but just can't stick with it. Not that I don't want to do it, I just can't get myself TO DO IT. I tell myself if I had a treadmill here I would do it more. It is hard to go to the gym cause of Wyatt (trying to find someone to watch him)
I started noticing the weight coming off in December, 16 lbs. all together. Well in the last month I have gained 6 of those pounds back. And I can feel it. My fat jeans are still lose on me (thank goodness), but I feel frumpy and fat. I am tired all the time and have no energy.

When I was working out and eating healthy I never got sick, not even a cold. I felt great all the time. In this last month since I stopped doing everything (working out and eating healthy) I have gotten a cold. I am having headaches alot too.

So what have we (I) learned form all this...

The Good- I felt great all the time. Wasn't tired, had more energy, never got sick, ate healthy (no soda or sugar), ate good food, never even craved the bad foods. felt skinny and great about my body.

the NOW- I am tired all the time, no energy, have headaches, cant' sleep, get sick, feel frumpy and fat. I crave bad for me foods and can't resist eating them.

So knowing all this why am I having such a issue getting back into it again??? That is the million dollar question.