Thursday, October 02, 2008


Wyatt catching rain drops.

wyatt crawls into our bed 7:45 am, let them sleep
I get up 8am.
let dog out
make Hot chocolate
start watching dvr'd show- CSI Miami
sister calls- Dani
watch show
blogging, email
Wyatt & hubby up
Wyatt and I get ready
clean up dog poo-grrr!
take Wyatt to preschool (get fundraiser stuff)
bring hubby home (his first visit to school)
start making calls to grandmas to buy fundraising tickets
Target- more baby shower stuff
Stop by G-ma Candy's work, hand off fundraiser stuff
Pick up Wyatt
bring him home, clean out car
Take car in for oil change
stay there and read book
stop by albertson's for meat for dinner, come home
lounge on couch for several hours, watching TV
make dinner- Beef Stroganoff
computer time, hubby on xbox, wyatt and lady playin around
Bath, read book
Finish book-yea!
11pm- bed

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Kimi said...

I love all ur daily pictures...they're very artsy, not like totally posed but representations. love it.