Sunday, October 19, 2008

In loving memory

We had a very sad day, our doggie Lady was hit and killed by a car Saturday. We are all very torn up about it, Derek the most since she died in his arms and just a few minutes earlier he was playing with her. Wyatt and I were away in Yakima visiting my boys, but luckly family and friends helped him out and took care of him, he was in pretty bad shape. It was hard to walk up to the house and not hear her whinning for us to hurry up and let her out of the kennell.
Wyatt has been a rock and comforted Derek and I both by saying 'it's OK we will get a new Lady. Don't be sad" But of course no new dog could replace her, she was such a sweetie.

She loved to cuddle and sleep under our blankets at night.

She loved being picked up and carried around by Derek.

She loved to play catch with her soccer ball.

She loved wrestling with wyatt and following him around trying to steal what ever he was eating.


Beth said...

Awh, I'm so sorry Heather. I know exactly how you are feeling. With the beagle, and the car, and the being out of town. I'm hugging you: (((((HEATHER))))) I love you.

Kimi said...

Oh Heather, I'm so sarry for your loss. I know how attatched you guys became to her. I'm saying a prayer for you guys.

Carrie said...

I am so sorry to hear that. It is very hard to lose such an important part of the family. Hope you all are feeling better soon. Take cares.

Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

I AM SO SORRY, I am praying God puts His loving arms around you guys in your time of if you need to talk :o(

Jinglbells said...

We are sooo sorry for your loss! How hard for you to come home to that. Listen to your son, how precious of him!!! You are all in our prayers! Love ya,