Wednesday, October 01, 2008


  • Blogging, email
  • checkbook
  • party planning, make list
  • dishes
  • Take shower
  • breakfast for wyatt
  • Leave for preschool
  • Garbage day
  • Yea I am pretty sure that I got a ticket
  • Buy baby shower stuff-Dollar tree, Walmart, Dollar store (while Wyatt in school)
  • Visit Candy at work
  • Almost ran over a Squirrel
  • pick up Wyatt
  • drop of Wyatt to daddy at home
  • return to Joann's
  • Run to Target, Party City
  • Oil guy here to fill tank
  • Derek on Xbox, me puter and Wyatt playing w/ playdoh
  • Make stuff for baby shower
  • Make dinner w/Wyatt's help
  • Eat
  • Run to safeway for dessert
  • make brownies
  • watch shows
  • read book
  • 11pm- bed


Kimi said...

you have busy days...
put some makeup on woman!

Kimi said...

still waiting for your scrap pages.

Beth said...

*sigh* That garbage man could be my husband. But, no....
Did you put your camera on your car and set the timer to get that picture of you and Wyatt?
I love errand days. I love going from store to store. I love crossing stuff off my lists.
I'm gonna' finish paying bills and then post my Tuesday.
Can't wait to see your tomorrow.