Saturday, October 11, 2008

Opening Day

So today started several months of cold early mornings for my husband, opening day of duck season. Lat year was a total bust, but maybe this year will be better. Wyatt did not like him being gone all morning though, but was excited to see the goose he brought home. And he loved cleaning guns with daddy later that night. He really does just want to be like his dad.

Eww! And yes Wyatt did wash his hands immediately after touching that thing.

So next is my menu for the week. I will be gone sat and sun next weekend so the menu is a little short this week. I have made this Greek chicken before and it is so moist and yummy don't know why I waited so long to make it again.

~Homemade pizza

~Jambalaya, w/ brown rice

~Italian cream cheese chicken over pasta, garlic bread

~Greek Chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, Cesar salad

~Leftover night

~Friday night Wing night


Carrie said...

I agree. I wouldn't want him touching that thing either. Ick!

Beth said...

Yeah, we are in the throes of deer season. Well, rifle season; bow season was last month. We only have a week left, so I won't be seeing much of my hubby. He hasn't had ANY luck this year. The bucks are all hiding from him. He even tried calling them when he took Tyner hunting, going "Here bucky bucky. Here doe-y, doe-y." Heehee. My husband is such a goof. Anyway. I can't wait for deer season to be over, but I sure would like him to "catch" something first (he would kill me if he saw I wrote catch :D).