Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy day!

Meet Dixie!
First we ran around alot and did some errands. Then we went and picked up our new puppy, Dixie, at the pound. (thanks kimi for the name). We then went home with Dixie whinning at my feet while I made a pumpkin roll and homemade chili. After I got it all done we all sat on the couch, Dixie needed to cuddle, and she slept for several hours. Later that night Tom and Ester came over, we had chili and carved pumpkins.Derek's , mine and Wyatt's, Tom & Ester's


Beth said...

Those pumpkins are AWESOME!!!!! You guys are good.
I like the name Dixie. She is a really cute puppy.

Danielle said...

your pumpkins turned out better then ours i think...but we were rushed...dang football! well that and it was our first time carving.

Anna said...

Cool Pumpkins! Love the Thomas!

Carrie said...

Oops that was me I was logged in as my sis.