Monday, August 31, 2009

Our trip so far

We have had a great trip so far, the weather has been perfect. Not to hot not to humid or at least for me. Derek wishes it was nicer. I haven't had to wear shorts at all so I'm happy. Derek was on a mission yesterday at the grocery store to find these Entenmann's Crumb doughnuts. They don't sell them up there so when ever we come back there he has to get them.

The first day, Friday, we were here we got to hang out with Derek's sister, her husband and son (Marylee was with us too). She took us to Hatfield and McCoys and really southern restaurant were they both actually used to work. We chowed down on fried pickles, hush puppies and catfish, yum. We all then hung out at her house and she gave me a bunch of Micheal's old clothes that he had grown out of. The kid has a whole new wardrobe now. (thanks Amy) Then people came over later that night to say Hi and visit.

Saturday we hung out at the house, but people came over here to visit us. Jen (one of Ben's daughters) and her kids and Josh (Ben's son). But before that Derek and I had a blow out, but it was good I think we made a big step in our relationship and I understand him a little better and him me. So even though it was a tough hour it all worked out great. Come on though what is a vacation without at least one fight, lol. So anyway they all came to say Hi, we visited and then made plans to meet up for dinner. Wyatt even went home with Jenni and her kids cause they all didn't want to stop playing.
Dinner was super yummy we went to Macaroni Grill and it was the best pasta ever. I have only been there twice and it has been so long so I wasn't sure what to have and Amy suggested the Penne Rustica- holy moly is all I can say. This dish was so rich and I litterly could have taken a bath in it it was so good. It has Shrimp, Chicken and Prosciutto in a creamy Parmesan sauce. Derek and Wyatt both had pizza.
After dinner we came back to the house and we ordered the UFC fight.

Sunday was church and then we took Wyatt to ride the Little Steam trains. (see post below for pics) When we got back Marylee cooked up a storm and we had a Mexican Buffet. All of Ben's kids came over (Jen, Shannon and Josh and the families) and Marylee's family (Amy and Derek and families) were her too. This is the first time the two families have all been together. It was alot of fun and it was a house full.
Ben couldn't be with us though, he is still down with his parents taking care of them. They aren't doing so well so please say a prayer for them and keep them in your heart. thanks

Today not much is going on, we are just hanging out at the house. Marylee and I might go get pedi's (this will be my first ever) I usually just do my own, hopefully I won't get hooked on someone doing it for me. I might go to the Hobby Lobby too, play some Wii and just relax.

It has been a great trip so far and we have alot planned for the rest of the time.

Our ride on the Steam Railway.

This is our trip to the Gauge Steam Railway with Grandma Marylee. Wyatt loved it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready to go

Very happy almost everything got done on my before trip list.

Just a few more things to go.

Then we are off.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Camping 08.22.09

We were invited to go camping over night with some friends and we had alot of fun. Wyatt got to play in the dirt, throw rocks in the river and make smores. It was a great couple of days and nice to get away.

This was the rocks we had to climb done to get to the river. Wyatt loved it.
I set the camera up on a log to take this one of us, Wyatt looks a little unsure of what is going on.Wyatt took this one of us, he loves using my camera.
I loved this poor loney tree growing out of the rock.

The river that was just down the embankment from us.

Wyatt testing the waters.Wyatt cooking his dinner.Wyatt loves playing games on my Ipod, so before he went to bed I let him play a few games in the tent.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Room Redo

So for any of you out there who know me know that I can't keep things in the same place for to long. I need to change things up. I have always been like this. Growing up I used to change my room around every 6 months or so.
I do this a certain way as to save myself time. Why switch things around, it not work so you have to change it back or start over. So hear is the way I tackle room changes.

-I first measure everything in the room or that is going in the room. For Wyatt's room today I measured all furniture, walls, closets, mirrors, toys, etc.

-I then scale it down to a smaller measurement, for here is was every 20 in= 1in. I then draw the room out on a separate piece of paper. Now this next step I kind of changed this one time, usually I cut out shapes to be the furniture so I can move it around till I like the configuration. But this time I knew pretty much it would work so I just drew them out on the room drawing. Now a smart person would save this drawing for the next time, but I um don't do that I just through it away and do it again the next time. Not sure why I think I just like the planning it out part.Here is Wyatt in the new set up.

And now the dresser is on the wall the book shelf used to be.We brought the desk into his room, the toy shelf and book shelf are now on the wall that the bed was on. We bought him a waste basket at IKEA so that is why the desk went in there so he coudl have a little desk area. Here is a view from what it used to look like before. In the same area from the pic above.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gruber Family Update

Ok so I haven't been posting to much stuff lately but shopping deals, but um there really isn't anything exciting going on here really.

Colton is here and has been here for a few weeks and will leave this monday. All he has been doing is chores we tell him to do to earn hours to be able to play the Xbox live and playing the Xbox live. The life of a teenager, so hard.

Wyatt is really excited to go to Missouri this next week. Since I bought the tickets 3 weeks ago he has asked every day "How many weeks till we go to Bassouri." Yes that is what he calls. Wyatt can't wait for school to start either he asks about it all the time, he will be in preschool again and will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this year. We have done several playdates and things with cousins this summer and he say he has 20,000 friends.

Let's see Derek has gotten a new tattoo, a grenade, and will be getting another this next Tuesday, stars on his elbow. Other than that he has been sleeping, working out and working. He is working nights now 6pm to 4 am, Monday to Thursday so he sleeps during the day. He trys to spend as much time with us as he can in the spare time and at least he has three day weekends that has been nice. Other than that is is usual with him.

Now for me not much going on cleaning, gardening, couponing, but no scrapbooking. eek so bad I know. I really miss it but in a way I don't. I am just trying to get through the day and get everything I need or want to get done, done.

I signed Wyatt up for soccer for the fall last Thursday and still haven't heard anything from anyone which is really irritating. How hard is it to email people and say hey we got your registration but haven't gotten another team started so it may take a while, something people really.

My garden is doing well. I have like 6 small zucchini's started and lots of almost ripe tomatoes. It will suck when I am gone on vacation though I hope I don't lose anything. I will have to have my mom come and check on it every so often. I am going to borrow a timer from my dad to water it while we are gone so that is good.

Ok not sure what else to say so I will say 'Good Bye"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walgreens: Spend $25 and get $5 RR (until 8/22)

So I just did this this morning and worked great, will be going back later today to roll some more RR.

Today until Saturday, you will receive a $5 RR for every $25 you spend! The RR you receive will expire on 8/31. This is before coupons and register rewards. So you can get free or cheap items.

Here is what I did.

Tran. 1

2 Kleenex 1.98
2 Lindsay olives 1.98
2 trident gum BOGO 1.29
2 Starbucks Frapps 1.98
6 Perfect Zone bars 6.00
1 Neosporian Oint. 4.99
1 Band Aid w/oint. 3.99
1 Garnier Fruit. Hair treatment 3.99

coupons used:
Use one .50/1 Zone coupon from the Walgreens Back-2-School coupon (will deduct $3)
.50 Kleenex when you buy 2
1.00 off Neosporian
1.00 off Trident Gum when you buy 2
.75 off Garnier Fructis
$1.00 off Lindsay Olives
used two $1 Starbucks coupon
Finally used a $4 RR I had from earlier this week

Paid $14.76 OOP w/tax
but I got a $5 RR for spending $25, $4 RR for getting the bandaids/Neosp., and $2 RR for Garnier

Final cost $ 3.76 for all the above

Tran. 2

Venus Razor 11.49
Venus Cartridge 14.49
Trident Gum BOGO 1.29

coupons used:
$2 off Venus Embrace razor
$3 off Venus Embrace Cartridge
$1 Trident Gum
$4 RR from Soft Soap from before
$3 Walgreen's Dollars from Pharmacy
$2 RR from Garnier from before
$4 RR from Band aid/Neosp. from before

Will be $8.27 after coupons
but I will get $5 RR for spending $25 and the $6 RR for buying the razor and cartridge

So you will make about $2 on the deal

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I made a profit on pizza!

There is a catalina that started yesterday for Tombstone Pizza, which is also included in the Albertsons $25 Kraft promo, AND has its own rebate for your Utility bill.. take a look:
Tombstone Pizza x 7, 3/$11
Total: $25.67

Get back $5.00 catalina coupon (for buying 6+)

Get back a $5.00 catalina coupon + a $20.00 Mail-in Rebate for Kraft Promo.
Mail-in for $5.00 Utility Rebate (taken off your bill-I dont think its a direct check to you)
That's a Profit of $9.33!

Some things to keep in mind: You can only do the Kraft rebate once per household, so if you've already done the Kraft promo, this won't work for you.

Also, the Tombstone Pizzas are not shown on the Albertsons ad, but it is on the list from Kraft (Maybe print this out & take it with you in case there are any problems getting it to print).

You CAN submit for both rebates:
Kraft Rebate requires receipt, but not UPC's
Utility rebate requires UPC's, but not receipt

All this pizza will come in handy when our husbands start watching Football all the time again this month!! :D
thanks, Golden's Bargain nad all the other blogs I saw this on that got me up and out to go get this great deal.

29 Cent Dove deoderant

Not bad I went and picked myself up two.
Target has Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant priced at $3.29. Use the $2/1 manufacturer's coupon here paired with the $1/1 Target coupon here to get these for $0.29 each.

Even if you don't have a Target $2 off isn't bad.

Crayola Giveway

What kid doesn't love markers and crayons?
Head on over to Mommy Snacks and enter for a chance to win this great prize package. She will be closing this giveway Saturday at 8pm and there are several was you can enter so head on over and check it out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

$1/2 coupon for Ronzoni pasta

Enter the It Pays to Eat Pasta Sweepstakes and you'll be able to print 2 coupons after entering: $1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta and $1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta.
(After you hit the button to print hit your back button until you see that it is printing again.)

I don't know about you, but I love pasta and it can be so expensive so these coupons are great to save for when they go on sale. It can make them pretty cheap.
Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Back to School coupon book

Sign up here to get a back to school book from Nestle and Walmart.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I got these items today and will get the same tomorrow with my other RR
remember not to use a RR you got from one product on the same product on the next transaction, you will not get another one.

Trident Gum--on sale Buy One, Get One Free (2 for $1.29)
Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable coupon
$0.15 each after coupon and sale (i got 2)

Lindsay Olives--$0.99 each after in-ad coupon
Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable coupon
$0.50 each after coupons (i got 2)

Buy 1 SoftSoap Nutro Serum at $3.99,
Get $3.99 Register Rewards
Free after Register Rewards

Plus I used a RR from last week

OOP $1.60
saved $9.31
Shelf Derek built for me for the laundry room.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Killer deal at Albies

$5.00 (-2 $1 cpn) 2 Crystal light on the go boxes
$2.50 (-$1 cpn) 1 Ritz Crackerfuls
$3.00 (-$2 cpn) A1 steak sauce
$5.00 (-$1 cpn) 2 Kraft sliced cheese
$3.99 (-$1 cpn) Velvetta
$3.34 (-$1 cpn) 2 Philly cream cheese tub
$5.00 (-$1 cpn) 2 Kraft parmesean cheese

$27.83 (-$9 in coupons) (-5 cpn from last purchase)

OOP $13.83

But I made a $5 OYNO cpn and I will send in the Kraft $20 rebate
so minus both of those (-5, -20)

I made $11.17

Kraft Foods has teamed up with the Supervalu supermarket chain to help you save $25 on groceries. Just spend $25 in a single transaction on participating Kraft products by 8/23 and you’ll receive a $5 Catalina coupon good on your next shopping trip, as well as a $20 mail-in rebate form, both of which will print out at the cash register.

Stores in the Supervalu chain include ACME, Albertsons, Bigg’s, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Save-A-Lot, Shaw’s, Shop ‘n Save and Shoppers. Quick note that Albertsons stores in Arizona, Denver, Dallas and Florida are not participating in this promotion.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crap they found it

Man, so I have gone 2 yrs without seeing these things and they actually haven't touched my garden, so I was hoping they missed me. I checked the garden a few days ago and it was fine, but after I scared them off I went and checked and they cut the heads off my pepper plants. They were pretty cute though, there were 6 of them. My road is pretty busy and there isn't to much woods around so I hope they are ok, actually i am sure they are since they have probably been here awhile. Now I need to figure out how to save my tomatoes and zucchini as it looks like they haven't touched those yet.

Sometimes I feel like I never win

But I did today. YEA!

I won this great line, Fish Tales (by Moxxie) from Megan over at Scrapping the Outdoors. Seriously if your scrap outdoorsy things this is the site to check out, she has some great layouts and also will post your stuff if you send it to her. It is just a great place to share your scrapbook pages about the great outdoors!

On a scrappin note I really need to find some energy or mojo or something to start scrappin again. I have wanted something to do but just can't get myself to sit and scrap. Any ideas would to get going again would be ice, Please?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Long term to dos

So last week I had posted this to do list and I actually got some of it done, but the list keeps growing of course so I have crossed stuff off and added some. And hopefully posting this will keep me motivated today even though Derek is home again.

One of the big things that needed to be done was we redid the laundry room. Derek built me a high table to use for laundry and shelving and he got it done. So now the laundry room is a little more organized and less messy. I will post pics tomorrow of the laundry room, it turned out so nice.


Laundry- Dixies car blanket
Put away laundry
Vacuum bedroom and window sills
Morning 'puter stuff
Dinner in crockpot

Long term To Dos

Call Danielle and set up play date
Walgreens(more free stuff)
pick up prescription
Scrub kitchen floor
Pick up album for Ginny
Clean up laundry room
clean under kitchen sink
Take down dog kennel
Make table
Scrub laundry room floor
Clean bathroom- counters, toilet,tub, floors
Cascade paperwork
Shampoo carpets-Wyatt's room, hallway
Need to find a place to get my haircut

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Smokin Hot Challenge

So week one wasn't to bad.

I walked 4 out of 7 days.

I did not eat after 7 pm 3 nights. It is sometimes hard on that one though because we have dinner later if Derek is working late. But that one is a work in progress. I have had no soda this week, but not enough water either though. So I really need to work on that one this coming week.

As Derek and I were sitting eating Subway for lunch today I started looking at the nutritional value of the sub I love to eat and always get. Oh my gosh it is so bad, I never realized. So I thought tonight I would revamp my Subway sandwich and switch to something healthier.

My usual- 6 in Spicy Italian on Italian herbs & cheese bread. no cheese. with lettuce, cucumber, pickles, olives, tomatoes. Salt & Pepper, mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar
The breakdown-690 Calories and 44.5 grams of fat eek that is alot of fat

New Sub-
6 in Chicken breast on wheat bread. still no cheese. Spinach, cucumbers, olives, pickles, tomatoes. Salt & Pepper, Fat free Italian dressing.
The breakdown- 345 calories and 5 grams of fat

The plan for the next week is to add one day to walking. Start doing a few days of exercises videos too. More water. No snacking or dinners after 7 pm. and better choices if we eat out.
So what is your plan of attack this week? Don't forget to stop by the other girls sights and lend your support.

If you are just joining us or just starting late and wnat to know what the challenge is about or how to use Mr.Linky hop on over this blog post of mine from last Sunday.

Real Life Albertson's deal

Tran #1
(10) Knorr Rice/noodle sides, $1 each.
(2) Wishbone Dressing, $1.67 each
(2) Lipton Onion soup mix, $1 each
(1) Chocolate Frosting, $1.50 each
(1) Chocolate cake, $1 each
(2) BC Cookie mix, $1.67 each
(2) Yoplait yogurt, $2.50 each
(2) Cinn. Toast Crunch cereal, $2.00 each
not pictured- 2 cans beans, 2 barilla pastas

Subtotal $34.44

$7.80 for coupons used- I had coupons for the Barilla pasta, cookie mix, knorr pasta, wishbone dressing, yogurt, cake mix, and Cookie mix

Paid $26.64 plus got $15 OYNO coupon

Tran #2
(2) Bounty Paper Towels 8 giant rolls, $ 9.99 each
(1) Puffs tissue, $1 each

Subtotal $21.79, used the $15 OYNO from tran #1 & $1 cpn off Bounty

Paid $ 6.79 plus got $5 OYNO coupon
So I spent $33.43 total and have $5 to spend on my next order
It was a pretty good deal, If I figure it out all together I saved 68%

Friday, August 07, 2009

SHC Day 4 recap

OK so yesterday (Thursday) I didn't walk my shins hurt still to bad from the first walk. So I figure that I really needed a day off. It was good I did cause I woke up today and they don't hurt. So that is a good thing.
My eating was better yesterday, no snacking after 7pm yea. That is the hard thing for me not snacking while watching shows. And the dexitrim Max really helped with the snacking during the day too. For diner I only had 2 small steak burritos were normally i probably could have eaten 4.
So I am getting there with baby steps. I need to increase my exercise this next week add more walking or add one of my recorded workouts too.

It is now 8:48am on Friday morning Derek and Wyatt are still sleeping so I think I might go walk now before they get up and moving, come home take a shower and get this house clean. It is so hard to clean when Derek is around I just kind of lounge with him (they are in between jobs and have had the whole week off) So ready for him to go back to work and get things back to normal.

How are you doing on the SHC (Smokin Hot Challenge)?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

SHC- Day 4

Ok so Day 1 was a total bust.

Day 2- Eating was a bust, but i did walk down and up my big big hill. It was only about a 15 min walk , but man did I feel it the next day. My poor shins.

Day 3- I started taking Dexatrim Max, this really actually helped with my eating. Being home all day I seem to tend to eat alot. I get bored and just snack which would be fine if it was healthy snacking. That is what I think I need to work on most.
And the whole family took a walk last night, that was nice. It was about 15-20 min. And tonight I will do it again, not sure if we will all go or not, but I will.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer of Ink

So I am still following yesterday's post. I got several things done but not enough. So I will cross off what has been done and work on some more today.

We went to see if Derek could get a walk in tattoo yesterday at Lucky Boys. They said it would take to long to do, so I got to get in. Best part it was with Chris (he is usually pretty booked up, but finished early). So that is one more thing to add to my list that I got done.

Get tattoo
Got Super Natural episode for IPod
Fred Meyer- Shoes for all 3 of us

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Huge To Do

Ok since we spent several days at my parents last week, then came home for a night, then went back I have not gotten anything done around here. And just thinking about it all is making my head spin, where to start , where to start.
I have a huge list of stuff i really should get done this week and my wipe board is full so I really need more space for it all. I figure if I do it on here at least it can't get erased and it might make things a little easier if i can see it ALL.

Laundry- work, a few blankets
Put away laundry
Vacuum couches
clean under kitchen sink
Pay a few bills
Morning 'puter stuff
Food to Jen
Pick up album for Ginny
Movies back today
Call Terry and Danielle and set up play dates
Walgreens(more free stuff)
Mail letters
pick up perscription

For the week
Scrub kitchen floor
Clean up laundry room
Take down dog kennel
Make table
Scrub laundry room floor
Clean bathroom- counters, toilet, tub, floors
Cascade paperwork
Clean carpets-Wyatt's room, hallway
Need to find a place to get my haircut

Sunday, August 02, 2009

You ready?

Alright Ladies are you ready?

I hope I am.

So every Sunday will be our 'check in' post (could be Monday morning too). You can go over what you've been doing this past week, what things were hard to stick to, what you need to work on, what you want to accomplish the next week.
You could add in any weight lost or added, inches lost. Eating habits that you've changed or that need changing. Good recipe ideas you found. If you've noticed any changes in your mood or body during that week.
And then at the end we will do a before and after pic. It doesn't have to be in a bathing suit or any things. Even just shorts and a tank, so we can see the difference. So make sure you take a pic today so you can compare your end ones to it.

So for my week ahead-
Tomorrow I plan on going into the gym and sign up, yes yes I really am. I just need to keep telling myself this. I have this problem were I know I want and need to lose about 20-30 lbs, but I just get to this point where I really don't care. When I started being healthy at the beginning of the year I hadn't lost anything in the two months I ate better and worked out, but I felt better and i just need to keep reminding myself of that.
Now for the hard part giving up junk food again, that was the hardest part from last time. Ok actually working out too, I hate sweating, yuk.

So hear we go ladies, Start your engines....

Using Mr.Linky. Type your name in the name box, so we know who you are. When posting to the URL box link to your individual Smokin Hot Challenge (SHC) post instead of to your home page. (Have any questions about this let me know). That way if you have posted other things or people are late at looking they can find the SHC quicker.
Please mention this challenge in your post and link back to my weekly SHC post. Also please make sure you leave encouraging notes to each other this is the reason we started this so we could all encourage each other even if we aren't together.

My new toy..

Now I just need to learn how to use it.
So Saturday we headed out to get Derek a stereo system for his truck. Now we only did this because Derek is in his truck alot during the day and he was only being able to hear out of 1 speaker. So long story short- the new stereo plays IPods so he said he was going to be using the one we share. So next we headed to Costco for some groceries and they had IPods, I was going to just get the Nano like we have now, but the IPOD touch was not much more. Plus we got the touch just because we will be able to load games/shows/movies on it and use it while on the plane later this month.
But like I said before now I jsut need to learn how to use it.