Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gruber Family Update

Ok so I haven't been posting to much stuff lately but shopping deals, but um there really isn't anything exciting going on here really.

Colton is here and has been here for a few weeks and will leave this monday. All he has been doing is chores we tell him to do to earn hours to be able to play the Xbox live and playing the Xbox live. The life of a teenager, so hard.

Wyatt is really excited to go to Missouri this next week. Since I bought the tickets 3 weeks ago he has asked every day "How many weeks till we go to Bassouri." Yes that is what he calls. Wyatt can't wait for school to start either he asks about it all the time, he will be in preschool again and will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this year. We have done several playdates and things with cousins this summer and he say he has 20,000 friends.

Let's see Derek has gotten a new tattoo, a grenade, and will be getting another this next Tuesday, stars on his elbow. Other than that he has been sleeping, working out and working. He is working nights now 6pm to 4 am, Monday to Thursday so he sleeps during the day. He trys to spend as much time with us as he can in the spare time and at least he has three day weekends that has been nice. Other than that is is usual with him.

Now for me not much going on cleaning, gardening, couponing, but no scrapbooking. eek so bad I know. I really miss it but in a way I don't. I am just trying to get through the day and get everything I need or want to get done, done.

I signed Wyatt up for soccer for the fall last Thursday and still haven't heard anything from anyone which is really irritating. How hard is it to email people and say hey we got your registration but haven't gotten another team started so it may take a while, something people really.

My garden is doing well. I have like 6 small zucchini's started and lots of almost ripe tomatoes. It will suck when I am gone on vacation though I hope I don't lose anything. I will have to have my mom come and check on it every so often. I am going to borrow a timer from my dad to water it while we are gone so that is good.

Ok not sure what else to say so I will say 'Good Bye"

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Kimi said...

I noticed you didn't mention anything about the SHC? Are you not doing it anymore? How are you doing with it? I'm sorry about Derek. I hope it gets better.
I'm so glad Wyatt is excited to start everything. i can't wait to see all the pictures.