Monday, August 10, 2009

Long term to dos

So last week I had posted this to do list and I actually got some of it done, but the list keeps growing of course so I have crossed stuff off and added some. And hopefully posting this will keep me motivated today even though Derek is home again.

One of the big things that needed to be done was we redid the laundry room. Derek built me a high table to use for laundry and shelving and he got it done. So now the laundry room is a little more organized and less messy. I will post pics tomorrow of the laundry room, it turned out so nice.


Laundry- Dixies car blanket
Put away laundry
Vacuum bedroom and window sills
Morning 'puter stuff
Dinner in crockpot

Long term To Dos

Call Danielle and set up play date
Walgreens(more free stuff)
pick up prescription
Scrub kitchen floor
Pick up album for Ginny
Clean up laundry room
clean under kitchen sink
Take down dog kennel
Make table
Scrub laundry room floor
Clean bathroom- counters, toilet,tub, floors
Cascade paperwork
Shampoo carpets-Wyatt's room, hallway
Need to find a place to get my haircut

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Kimi said...

mary says to have denise from church do ur hair. jenny should know who it is. mary says she got the best haircut ever from her.