Monday, August 31, 2009

Our trip so far

We have had a great trip so far, the weather has been perfect. Not to hot not to humid or at least for me. Derek wishes it was nicer. I haven't had to wear shorts at all so I'm happy. Derek was on a mission yesterday at the grocery store to find these Entenmann's Crumb doughnuts. They don't sell them up there so when ever we come back there he has to get them.

The first day, Friday, we were here we got to hang out with Derek's sister, her husband and son (Marylee was with us too). She took us to Hatfield and McCoys and really southern restaurant were they both actually used to work. We chowed down on fried pickles, hush puppies and catfish, yum. We all then hung out at her house and she gave me a bunch of Micheal's old clothes that he had grown out of. The kid has a whole new wardrobe now. (thanks Amy) Then people came over later that night to say Hi and visit.

Saturday we hung out at the house, but people came over here to visit us. Jen (one of Ben's daughters) and her kids and Josh (Ben's son). But before that Derek and I had a blow out, but it was good I think we made a big step in our relationship and I understand him a little better and him me. So even though it was a tough hour it all worked out great. Come on though what is a vacation without at least one fight, lol. So anyway they all came to say Hi, we visited and then made plans to meet up for dinner. Wyatt even went home with Jenni and her kids cause they all didn't want to stop playing.
Dinner was super yummy we went to Macaroni Grill and it was the best pasta ever. I have only been there twice and it has been so long so I wasn't sure what to have and Amy suggested the Penne Rustica- holy moly is all I can say. This dish was so rich and I litterly could have taken a bath in it it was so good. It has Shrimp, Chicken and Prosciutto in a creamy Parmesan sauce. Derek and Wyatt both had pizza.
After dinner we came back to the house and we ordered the UFC fight.

Sunday was church and then we took Wyatt to ride the Little Steam trains. (see post below for pics) When we got back Marylee cooked up a storm and we had a Mexican Buffet. All of Ben's kids came over (Jen, Shannon and Josh and the families) and Marylee's family (Amy and Derek and families) were her too. This is the first time the two families have all been together. It was alot of fun and it was a house full.
Ben couldn't be with us though, he is still down with his parents taking care of them. They aren't doing so well so please say a prayer for them and keep them in your heart. thanks

Today not much is going on, we are just hanging out at the house. Marylee and I might go get pedi's (this will be my first ever) I usually just do my own, hopefully I won't get hooked on someone doing it for me. I might go to the Hobby Lobby too, play some Wii and just relax.

It has been a great trip so far and we have alot planned for the rest of the time.


Danielle said...

glad your having fun.

Kimi said...

i'm so glad it's been so good. you'll love getting a pedi, it's a nice treat once in a while. i'm getting one today too! woot!