Thursday, August 06, 2009

SHC- Day 4

Ok so Day 1 was a total bust.

Day 2- Eating was a bust, but i did walk down and up my big big hill. It was only about a 15 min walk , but man did I feel it the next day. My poor shins.

Day 3- I started taking Dexatrim Max, this really actually helped with my eating. Being home all day I seem to tend to eat alot. I get bored and just snack which would be fine if it was healthy snacking. That is what I think I need to work on most.
And the whole family took a walk last night, that was nice. It was about 15-20 min. And tonight I will do it again, not sure if we will all go or not, but I will.


Kimi said...

i'm glad you're waking. we've been taking one every night too, on top of my workouts.

Kimi said...

my bad.