Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crap they found it

Man, so I have gone 2 yrs without seeing these things and they actually haven't touched my garden, so I was hoping they missed me. I checked the garden a few days ago and it was fine, but after I scared them off I went and checked and they cut the heads off my pepper plants. They were pretty cute though, there were 6 of them. My road is pretty busy and there isn't to much woods around so I hope they are ok, actually i am sure they are since they have probably been here awhile. Now I need to figure out how to save my tomatoes and zucchini as it looks like they haven't touched those yet.


Charity said...

My neighbor dangles CD discs that are blank in her garden to keep the wildlife out. it seems to work.

Kimi said...

You can always do the human hair thing they did on the Rookie...was that it?

Wholesale Banner Stand said...

Wow where do you live? I feel you on the garden I get mad when squirrels eat away my crop too lol