Friday, August 21, 2009

Room Redo

So for any of you out there who know me know that I can't keep things in the same place for to long. I need to change things up. I have always been like this. Growing up I used to change my room around every 6 months or so.
I do this a certain way as to save myself time. Why switch things around, it not work so you have to change it back or start over. So hear is the way I tackle room changes.

-I first measure everything in the room or that is going in the room. For Wyatt's room today I measured all furniture, walls, closets, mirrors, toys, etc.

-I then scale it down to a smaller measurement, for here is was every 20 in= 1in. I then draw the room out on a separate piece of paper. Now this next step I kind of changed this one time, usually I cut out shapes to be the furniture so I can move it around till I like the configuration. But this time I knew pretty much it would work so I just drew them out on the room drawing. Now a smart person would save this drawing for the next time, but I um don't do that I just through it away and do it again the next time. Not sure why I think I just like the planning it out part.Here is Wyatt in the new set up.

And now the dresser is on the wall the book shelf used to be.We brought the desk into his room, the toy shelf and book shelf are now on the wall that the bed was on. We bought him a waste basket at IKEA so that is why the desk went in there so he coudl have a little desk area. Here is a view from what it used to look like before. In the same area from the pic above.

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Kimi said...

the room looks good. i love his little desk.
i actually like the planning out part too, not so much for rooms, but when i go through the bills, i love figuring out how much i'll be putting on what and seeing how long it'll take to pay off then rolling it onto another bill.
planning is part of the 'process'