Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Huge To Do

Ok since we spent several days at my parents last week, then came home for a night, then went back I have not gotten anything done around here. And just thinking about it all is making my head spin, where to start , where to start.
I have a huge list of stuff i really should get done this week and my wipe board is full so I really need more space for it all. I figure if I do it on here at least it can't get erased and it might make things a little easier if i can see it ALL.

Laundry- work, a few blankets
Put away laundry
Vacuum couches
clean under kitchen sink
Pay a few bills
Morning 'puter stuff
Food to Jen
Pick up album for Ginny
Movies back today
Call Terry and Danielle and set up play dates
Walgreens(more free stuff)
Mail letters
pick up perscription

For the week
Scrub kitchen floor
Clean up laundry room
Take down dog kennel
Make table
Scrub laundry room floor
Clean bathroom- counters, toilet, tub, floors
Cascade paperwork
Clean carpets-Wyatt's room, hallway
Need to find a place to get my haircut


Kimi said...

uh, i see nothing on there about WORKING OUT!

Danielle said...

heehee...me either! so you got all the stuff for the table? i hope it works out...did you return my movie?