Friday, August 07, 2009

SHC Day 4 recap

OK so yesterday (Thursday) I didn't walk my shins hurt still to bad from the first walk. So I figure that I really needed a day off. It was good I did cause I woke up today and they don't hurt. So that is a good thing.
My eating was better yesterday, no snacking after 7pm yea. That is the hard thing for me not snacking while watching shows. And the dexitrim Max really helped with the snacking during the day too. For diner I only had 2 small steak burritos were normally i probably could have eaten 4.
So I am getting there with baby steps. I need to increase my exercise this next week add more walking or add one of my recorded workouts too.

It is now 8:48am on Friday morning Derek and Wyatt are still sleeping so I think I might go walk now before they get up and moving, come home take a shower and get this house clean. It is so hard to clean when Derek is around I just kind of lounge with him (they are in between jobs and have had the whole week off) So ready for him to go back to work and get things back to normal.

How are you doing on the SHC (Smokin Hot Challenge)?

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Kimi said...

Right at this moment I am debating doing my Leg & Back workout. Both my back and hamstrings are a little sore from yoga yesterday.
Maybe I should just take a walk today and do the workout tomorrow...