Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Calenders ideas

This year I decided to make a Advent calender for Wyatt. All other years I just find lots of stuff to do and we do them and that is it, but I thought it might be fun for him to pick something everyday. Just another memory I guess.

So I have been looking for different ideas that you could put into it and their our lots so I thought I would compile all I could find into this one post.

-Write letters to Santa.

-Watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'

-Put up indoor decorations, but leave tree for another day.

-Decorate the yard, porch and any other outside areas of your home for the holidays.

-Take food to the local food pantry or shelter.

-Buy a gift for a needy child or family.

-Make Christmas cookies. Make sure to make enough for family and friends.

-Get your tree and if you use a live one put up and decorate your tree.

-Read from the bible the Angel visits Mary. (Mark 1: 1-8)

-Go Christmas Shopping.

-Make cinnamon apple sauce ornaments.

-String popcorn to hang on your tree.

-Wrap Christmas presents.

-Deliver Christmas gifts.

-Drive around town and look at Christmas lights.

-Go Christmas caroling.

-Watch 'The Nativity' together.

-Build a snowman.

-Go sledding.

-Read a Christmas book

-Make gifts for friends

-Color a Christmas picture.

-Make and decorate the house with snowflakes.

-Draw a Christmas picture.

-Make or buy your Christmas cards.

-Stuff envelopes and mail Christmas cards.

-Watch a Christmas movie or show

-Eat a candy cane

-Take a picture in Santa hats.

-Read the Christmas story.

-Do something kind for someone today.

-Go to your local Zoo lights

-Go sledding.

-Decorate Gingerbread houses.

-Visit Santa.

-Take a bath with Christmas confetti.

-Host a Christmas party.

-Host a kids craft day.

-Learn about how another country celebrates Christmas and eat foods from that country.

-Play a game together while having Christmas cookies and hot chocolate.

Check out this site for some cute Advent calender ideas. Here's another cute one from Lazy Mom. Here is a cute baker inspired one from nesting project. Another one How does she. Here is the one I made in 2008. Mine isn't so much a advent calender as more of just a count down, but this year I will put slips of paper under the magnets for Wyatt to find.

Do you have a calender or our you planning on making one this season? Would love to see them. Or if you have any more ideas to add to the list please let me know them.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

All things STAR WARS

So if you remember Wyatt just many months ago was all things Thomas the train (here is a layout I did about it). This all changed when his friend Connor intoduced him into Star Wars. Thomas then fell off the tracks poor guy. Wyatt had, toys, shoes, lunch boxes, blankets, cups, back packs, lantern, clothes, bed sheets, heck if they sold it I think he had most of it.
But now we have hit that stride with Star Wars. Most days he is wearing a star wars shirt, he has toys, star wars legos, poster, all the movies, a few books, bed sheets, halloween costume, lunch box, light sabers and the newest member of the family a Bulid a Bear Star Wars character. He loves this guy.
Not sure what else we can buy, but I am sure he will find it. I will say one thing at least, all his items wheather they were Thomas or Star Wars, he has gottn his use out of them all. Nothing has ever just sat around.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Christmas craft ideas

It is that time of year again, time to start thinking of the things I want to make for our house for the holidays. In the past I have made a button tree, Believe ornament swag and a December calender using a cookie sheet. So what to do this year?? Here are a few ideas.
Here is a picture of a beaded snowflake, kind of what I want to do, but not exactly. I am going to make a ton of these and hang in different lenghts on my big kitchen windows. I think. (won't be using sports these though, only pic I could find I liked.
I thought Wyatt could make this bow wreath himself for his bedroom or our bathroom door.

I would love to make this yo yo tree, might see if my mom could help with this one.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

FALLing back into blogging

Today we enjoyed the nice warm fall weather by jumping in the leaves.Here is Dixie running around in the leaves. She was pretty funny and wild, didn't stop running in circles for like 10 minutes, just around and around.How big he has gotten. Here he is in Oct. 2007 enjoying the same tree. What a cutie.
It has been a long time since I blogged last and a real long time since I shared pics of Wyatt. Facebook has turned me, I know, it is just so easy to post pics on there for all to see.

Tonight though I looked though all my past blog post, a trip down memory lane you might say and it made me realize that this blog is our online scrapbook. There are things on here I can't see in my scrapbooks, video of Wyatt counting to 6 or playing peek a boo. I really do love looking back and see what was happening last year at this time.
Hope you enjoy the newest pics and you WILL see me again very soon.