Saturday, November 20, 2010

All things STAR WARS

So if you remember Wyatt just many months ago was all things Thomas the train (here is a layout I did about it). This all changed when his friend Connor intoduced him into Star Wars. Thomas then fell off the tracks poor guy. Wyatt had, toys, shoes, lunch boxes, blankets, cups, back packs, lantern, clothes, bed sheets, heck if they sold it I think he had most of it.
But now we have hit that stride with Star Wars. Most days he is wearing a star wars shirt, he has toys, star wars legos, poster, all the movies, a few books, bed sheets, halloween costume, lunch box, light sabers and the newest member of the family a Bulid a Bear Star Wars character. He loves this guy.
Not sure what else we can buy, but I am sure he will find it. I will say one thing at least, all his items wheather they were Thomas or Star Wars, he has gottn his use out of them all. Nothing has ever just sat around.

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