Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today was my day to get lots done.

Talk to Dani several times during the day
Wyatt breakfast
Swiffer house
clean wyatt's room
clean/straighten up living room, our room
Vacuum all rooms
Wash all sheets and blankets
Do checkbook
Pay off DH dirt bike
Pay DOL, Mortgage,Truck, Preschool
Make list of Baby Shower items I need to get
Mail in box
Make appts for Oil change and Filling oil tank
Vacuum kennel
wyatt lunch
Clean up scrap space
Make beds
run to parents to use scanner(mine not working)
email tax stuff to papa
Make dinner-Cabbage roll Casserole, breadsticks
Bath- read book
watch tv
9pm- wyatt fell asleep next to me
11pm- bed
And had to get a picture of this, it is the end of Sept. and it is 74 degrees out. How nice is that. We haven't really had to turn the heat on but maybe once this month.

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