Sunday, September 14, 2008

Edited: Fall Shows

So I got interested tonight as to watch my fall tv line up will be, so many new shows and some of my favorites coming back. If you want to see all the new show this year check out this link.
A few of my favs won't be back till midseason so those I will have to wait for- Medium and Reaper.
So my show by days that I will be watching will be-
  • Monday- My own worst enemy (10pm)
  • Tuesdays- NCIS (8), Fringe(9)
  • Wednesday- Bones(8), Criminal Minds(9), CSI:NY(10)
  • Thursday- Supernatural(9)
  • Friday- Ghost Whisperer(8), Numbers(10)
  • Sunday- King of the Hill, Family Guy and DH will watch The Unit(10)

I am sure that have missed some or will not like some of the new ones that I watch, but we will see I guess. What is on your line up?

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Beth said...

I haven't written mine down by day yet. I just made a list of premier dates. But I will sort them out a little bit later on my blog.