Monday, September 29, 2008

A typical Sunday

I have joined Ali Edwards over at her blog and am documenting my week. It will be with photos + words. Seems like a fun thing to do since my week is pretty repetitive.
So here is a typical Sunday for us.

Every Sunday I make our menu for the week, post it on my blog for Menu Plan Monday over at Organized Junkie. I then make out my shopping list of everything we need. Sundays are usually my shopping days. We hit Walmart first and get what we can there and then head over to Safeway for the rest. Had to get gas today, pretty typical for right before taking my son to meet his dad.I have gotten really lucky and sometimes my husband works over by Olympia (were my son lives) and he has been able to take him home early Monday morning, but he is not working there today so I had to meet his Dad on Sunday at our usual spot and drop him off.

One of our local restaurants, Silvercity Brewery, does October fest every year, we don't usually go to this restaurant very often due to the cost, but we do meet friends there every year for this.

Then a typical night for us is watching Fox animation domintation, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Simpsons, American dad. My dh isn't as into it as I am so just does whatever, watches it, play Xbox360, reads, that's pretty typical.

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