Saturday, September 06, 2008

Meal Planning

So I have been laking on the meal planning the last couple of weeks due to camping and my retreat, but I need to get back on it. We eat out to much if i don't have anything planned. I am doing this early because my Sunday meal is in here too.

And the best place to find lots of meal ideas is over at Organized Junkie. There are over 300 bloggers who post their menus every Monday.

I also need to get some kind of system going on cleaning my house. I do not like having everyday completely planned out, that is just to much planning and drives my nuts, but I need to do something. So any ideas on what you do would be very helpful. My sister, Beth, has painted her fridge with chalkboard paint and puts her to do list on that everyday. I would post a picture, but (hint hint) she has not put one up on her blog yet. Hmm maybe that should go up on her fridge. LOL Love you Bethy.

~A1 and Dijon steak crockpot, garlic roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli

~Fish, not sure on side dishes yet

~Meatloaf, Ranch potatoes, salad

~German Style Pork Chops, bread

~Beef Ribs, Fried sweet potato fries

~Left over night

~Friday night is dinner at Putter's restaurant because my DH is obsessed with Chicken wings right now and Friday is .25 wing night


Aleryan said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm in love with the socks. They are my first ones on needles. You're menu looks pretty darn good. I might have to put that Crockpot A-1 steak on my menu next week. Thanks for stopping by! (

Danielle said...

how did that sunday night dinner work out?

Bev said...

That crockpot A-1 steak and those ranch potatos are something I am going to have to make! They sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

Those pork chops look like something my husband would love!