Thursday, September 04, 2008

No preschool for Wyatt..

Well we were trying to get Wyatt into an early preschool for ages 3-4 (and they didn't have to be potty trained, so it was perfect.). We didn't qualify money wise, we make to much I guess. So we were told to try a different approach- seeing if he needed speech therapy. If he qualified this way money didn't matter. Now I know Wyatt is pretty smart, knows his number, colors, shapes, etc. But we were hoping to get him in on his speech, he is really hard to understand sometimes, even for me.
So we went to a testing yesterday and basically was told he is talking at an age 6 level (in pronouncing words and letters). So I asked her if it was normal not to understand him sometimes and she said at his age it was but what he can say is at a high level. Also he was tested for fine and large motor skills, which he did fine at. And I was told by one of the testers that he wanted me to know 'whether I know it or not I am doing a great job with teaching him' He was very amazed at his language skills, politeness and overall thinking. YEA for my son!! bad for preschool.
I wasn't really even getting him into it because i thought he needed it, he just always asks to go to school and he loved going to the childcare at MOPS.
Here are a few random pictures of wyatt of the last week or so. Sorry the lighting is so bad in these, it is really hard to figure out pics in my dining room. Wyatt loves to craft, paint, play-doh, cutting, coloring, you name it he loves it.

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Beth said...

That's a bummer! You'll just have to use the whole "being able to go to school somewhere else" approach to get him to potty train! :)

He looks so old in that picture with the blue shirt on. I love his hair short like that.