Monday, April 26, 2010

Seriously, not today please...

So I have been feeling off . And was trying everything not to get sick. Well I went and did it. Woke up this morning feeling like my throat was swollen. So I went into the doctors cause I really don't can't be sick this week, not with everything I need to get done and do for Wyatt's Birthday party on Sat.

I have an ear infection which is what is making my throat hurt. I will say at least it isn't strep which is what I was afraid it was. I got some antibiotics and she also told me to lay down and rest today and take it easy. Even with all I still need to do I am going to take her advice cause just running to the docs and then Wyatt to school (with a quick drive thru into McDs) I am really exhausted.

I have a few layouts I need to post, but just don't have the energy right. I will do it tomorrow. Time to go take a quick nap before I need to get Wyatt from preschool.

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Kimi said...

hope you feel better heather. rest up today so you'll have energy tomorrow to get stuff done. go thru your list and see what's absolutely neccesary and see what can slide